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Limited Editions and charity….

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

There are some watches in the “big, bulky, sporty chrono” section that tend to come out with several limited editions each year. Of course i’m talking about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and the Hublot Big Bang. Although i like both watches, i’m sceptical about the number of LE’s. I have never seen other models/brands come out with so much LE’s based on one model, unless you look at Panerai with numerous LE’s based on the Luminor Marina.

Somehow i have to thing about a cooking course, when the chef says “now add a bit of this and a bit of that”. When you look at those watches they change the color of the dial and hands, do something odd to the dial (like the AP ROO Barricello) or make a rose gold version. Other things to play with are adding a power reserve, GMT hand or second timezone. And to totally top it off, there’s a tourbillon for those who want it all 😉

Hublot Project F Bang
Hublot Project F Bang

Hublot has, again, a new Limited Edition. I recently posted about a new LE from TAG Heuer for the Singapore Grand Prix, which made sense to me. TAG Heuer does all the F1 timing for years now, so i think it’s almost logical they come with a LE that has something to do with Formula 1. Today i read a new post about Hublot bringing out a new LE also related to the Singapore Grand Prix, the Hublot Project F Bang. But why is there a Hublot LE for Formula 1 racing? What does Hublot have to do with F1? I really have no clue.

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Hublot also had a LE for the European Football championship, for the Gstaad Polo club, for the Monaco Yacht Club, for … yes indeed i can go on for quite a while. The thing is that i just don’t see any logic in their LE’s.

This LE is not only for the Singapore Grand Prix, but also to support charity. Is charity one of the newest ingredients to make a Limited Edition?

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  1. My guess is that Hublot doesn’t have a clue either. Except for cashing hard on Singapore watch collectors ofcourse. And there are many of those I have witnessed 😉


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