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It’s Konstantin Chaykin’s 10th Anniversary In the Business! And He Wants To Bestow Good Luck On You! (No, this is not a chain-mail hoax)

| By Mario Squillacioti | 2 min read |
Konstantin Chaykin Levitas Jazz

The Russian Magician is turning 10! (Not really – he’s young – but he’s not that young!) October 23, 2013 marks 10 years to the day Konstanin Chaykin began work on his first clock. Now, one lucky winner can receive a personal gift from Konstantin Chaykin: a lucky horseshoe!

Konstantin Chaykin is a very, very humble person. He would NEVER boast about his skill or creativity. He’s also not the type of person to make a big fuss about celebrating 10 years in the industry. So I will do it for him!

Konstantin Chaykin Levitas JazzHe has stunned the watch world with creating after creation – from the Lunokhod, to the Quartime, to 2012’s Levitas each new watch has been more intricate than the last. His two latest creations have been fighting for the spot-light: The Muybridge Cinema watch stunned the watch world and seemed to grab all the attention at his booth at Baselworld! Now it’s time for the Levitas Jazz to shine!

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The Levitas Jazz is dedicated to that great, musical tradition which takes seemingly dissonant sounds and turn them into a sonic conversation. The Levitas Jazz is a massive 61mm multi-toned gold creation that takes the Levitas ‘Mystery’ movement and surrounds it with a stream of musical references. The overall visual impact is not unlike jazz music itself; taken as a whole, there is a pleasing esthetic to the overall look. When you hone in on the detail and depth of the design any one separate theme or reference can capture your imagination.

The contest: During 1 week from now – until 30 October 2013 – you have to name all of the musical instruments and other musical attributes hidden in Levitas Jazz. The first person who will list all the elements will win the prize – a special horseshoe for good luck.Visit Konstantin’s Facebook page for rules and how to enter:

Good luck!

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