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The Urwerk UR-210 Final Edition

The last edition of the iconic and futuristic UR-210...

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Urwerk UR-210 Final Edition

Among the many bold and futuristic creations of independent watchmaker Urwerk, if I had to pick the one watch that best represents what the brand stands for, it would be the UR-210. Unique in design, sci-fi inspired, showing the time in a way that no other watchmaker does, large and provocative… It is the essence of the brand. But everything comes to an end and it’s time for this modern icon to bow out. And for this, we celebrate with the Urwerk UR-210 Final Edition.

The UR-210 is, without a doubt, one of the most emblematic watches produced by Urwerk. It gathers everything the brand stands for in a single piece of horology. Whether we talk about the design, the display, the technical solutions, the unique selectors on the back, the turbines, the three-dimensional shape… I can remember when we had the chance to have the full-steel UR-210 in the office for a longer period to review this model. It was quite an experience… Yet, nothing lasts forever and it is time for Urwerk’s signature model to leave the stage, which will be rewarded with a final edition of seven pieces in black and red attire.

Urwerk UR-210 Final Edition

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What’s so special about the Urwerk UR-210 is its display, which combines the brand’s hour satellites with a large retrograde minute hand that displays its indication on an arched track. This system wasn’t an easy thing to develop, explains Felix Baumgartner: “The first tests were epic. The system was so extraordinary, and the force released so strong, that it overpowered the mechanics. (…) To appreciate the complexity of this movement in full, you must not only observe the minute hand fly back from 60 to 0 but listen to it too. It’s the sharp “clack” it makes that signals the beginning of each new hour.”

The front side isn’t the only element to receive some special treats as the back also features unique devices. The UR-210 featured an entirely new type of automatic winding efficiency indication that has been granted a patent. You are indeed able to select how strong the winding is – stop, reduced, full – depending on your level of activity. It is linked to a dial-side indicator; the more you move, the more your watch displays appreciation by indicating green. This winding efficiency device works in conjunction with turbines located on the back of the watch. Thanks to this turbine regulation automatic winding system, there is no risk any longer of overwinding.

Urwerk UR-210 Final Edition

All of these features have been developed internally and are manufactured in-house thanks to a proprietary module on top of a GP automatic movement, with 39-hour power reserve and 4Hz frequency. Its role is mainly to provide energy to the display module and to guarantee the accuracy of the watch.

Back to the Urwerk UR-210 Final Edition, in a limited run of seven pieces. This version features a case in steel and titanium with a matte black DLC coating. It is worn on a black alligator strap with a pin buckle matching the case. Contrasting with the dark case, the “dial” displays bold red accents all over – hand, tracks, numerals on the satellites. This final edition will be priced at CHF 137,000. More details at

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