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URWERK releases UR-202S on bracelet

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

The URWERK UR-202 got a make-over and is now released as UR-202S and comes on a bracelet. It’s is available in three version (gold, stainless steel and AlTiN) and altogether limited to 50 pieces. Is this the ultimate UR-202 Hammerhead?

The UR-202S, a.k.a. The Hammerhead, Full Metal Jacket is its full name. The UR-202 already had a limited version called White Shark (my favorite UR-202), that was only available from Chronopassion in Paris and direct from URWERK in Geneva. And now limited to 50 pieces in total with a choice of three versions; gold, AlTiN (Titanium Aluminium Nitride) coated stainless steel or polished stainless steel… all with matching metal bracelet!!

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After the original UR-202, that was available in white gold, red gold and AlTiN (Titanium Aluminium Nitride), came a unique piece engraved by Jean-Vincent Huguenin and the limited to 20 pieces UR-203 (black PE-CVD coated platinum). Like the White Shark, the UR-202S has a lighter dial and this gives a sort of ‘lightness’ to this watch that has an immense ‘wrist-presence’. The bracelet, that was designed to match the watch, adds a sporty touch.

The “S” stands for Stripe, because it has a striped dial. Besides the stainless steel version the UR-202S is also available in AlTiN, a special alloy URWERK uses, and in gold. Below is the UR-202S in stainless steel with AlTiN coating. This coating gives the watch a very cool matte black look.

Technically the UR-202S is an absolute magical watch. It’s far from ordinary and through the huge sapphire crystal you can see the telescopic minute hands and revolving hour satellites moving. In a previous post about the UR-203 you can read all about how the watch works.

Also note the day & night indicator and moon phase indicator on the dial. Inside the UR-202S ticks calibre UR7.03 which has an automatic winding system. The uni-directional winding rotor is regulated by twin air turbines. These air turbines can be seen spinning on the back side of the watch and function as shock absorbers. A 3-way selector lever allows you to switch select between free, sport and stop. Besides that it looks cool, these turbines reduce wear and increase the lifespan of the movement!

Next Wednesday Baselworld 2011 starts and I hope to show you some wrist shots of the new UR-202S.

More information about URWERK can be found at the URWERK website and official Facebook page.

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