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The new URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Device – a pocket watch with perpetual calendar?

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

At this moment there are only teaser pictures, but they give a good indication of what URWERK’s newest timepiece will be… Let’s have a closer look!

I guess most of Monochrome’s long-term readers will immediately recognize URWERK’s indication of time on the photo below. It shows much resemblance with the UR-203 or UR-202 White Shark.

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It looks like the crystal is wide where the hours and minutes are indicated, than it gets a little more narrow. When you look closely it seems the crystal gets wider again. OK, you really have to look for it, but the photo below seems to confirm my suspicion that the crystal gets wider again.

The photo above actually gives away much more than just the fact the crystal might be shaped as an “8”, which could indicate there’s more to see on the new UR-1001’s dial than the time. In the front you can see the “3” as one of the hour indicator, however what is visible behind that is much more interesting.

You can see “JAN” and there appears to be “JUN” upside down as well. the new UR-1001 will have a calendar function! Our guess it will be URWERK-style, months pointing at the day of the month. Will it be an annual calendar or a perpetual? If it’s a perpetual calendar one would expect a leap year indicator. Now the numerals “3” and “4” (photo below) could well be part of a leap year indicator…

But there’s more… On Revo-Online’s URWERK forum are more teaser photos that we will try to analyse for you.

Here’s a crown in the UR-200 collection style, which also looks to be positioned at the ‘normal’ 12 o’clock position. There seems to be some sort of locking or protection construction around the crown and… a hole where for instance a chain could be attached. Will this be an URWERK pocket watch? I guess so.

The following photo shows a scale of 0 to 1000, but what would this scale indicate? URWERK fearured a 150 year ‘Horological Odometer’ or Oil Change indicator on the UR-200 collection. Will this be something similar? A 1,000 hours or 1,000 days or maybe 1,000 years oil change indicator?

We don’t know exactly what the new URWERK UR-1001 will look like, because it won’t be officially released until September 14th. The teaser photos that Ian Skellern posted at the Revo-Online URWERK forum do give us a good impression. We think the new URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Device will be a watch that can be attached on a chain (pocket watch or desk watch) with a perpetual calendar.

Check out all teaser photos at the URWERK forum or on the URWERK Facebook page.

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