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Studio Underd0g Takes to the Field with its New 02 Series

A bright and colourful take on the classical field watch design.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

The press release for the Studio Underd0g 02 Series field watch collection starts with the question of why horology can’t be a little bit more playful from time to time. It’s the exact question I ask myself every now and then and the reason I have a soft spot for quirky, oddball watches. Watches with a twist, a little surprise or even a good dose of humour. I immediately think of the funky Tissot Sideral or the colourful Club Campus by Nomos, or even the Endeavour QP Tutorial by H. Moser & Cie. Watches with a personality that puts a smile on your face every single time you gaze down to check the time. Studio Underd0g’s answer to this question is its fruity chronograph, such as the Strawberries & Cream. Now though, the British watchmaking outfit presents a completely new collection, called the 02 Series. And I can already tell you right now, it’s still all about having fun!

Studio Underd0g looks to the past for inspiration for its new 02 Series, and the link to historical field watches is very evident. It features a simple, compact and very legible design that reminds us of watches like the ‘Dirty Dozen‘. Although the end result is quite different, there’s a practical, utilitarian sense to the 02 Series. That all starts with the 37mm wide by 12mm tall case (9.8mm without the crystal). It has the same vibe as any other tool or field watch, with a brushed case and a polished bezel. The domed sapphire crystal enhances the retro flair even further.

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But the new 02 Series is all about the dial, as is the case with any of Studio Underd0g’s highly creative watches. Taking a page out of the Mil-Spec design handbook, the 02 Series features a fairly simple dial design, yet with a major plot twist up its sleeve. Four styles are available, ranging from the pink-to-yellow Pink Lem0nade (Ref. 02FSBE), the colour-shifting Steffany Blue (Ref. 02BLB), the muted Full Mo0n (Ref. 02BEBR) and the dark Midnight (Ref. 02BKG).

All dials have the same sandwich construction, with a coloured base dial and a sapphire crystal top dial with printed indices and markings. The sword-shaped hands have luminous inserts in different colours. But this needs to be said, Studio Underd0g flips things on its head when night comes because all dials are fully luminous except for the Midnight! The Midnight dial has a more classical vibe, with luminous hour markers and hands instead.

Just as most field watches, Studio Underd0g hides the Sellita SW210-1 that powers the 02 Series underneath a solid caseback. Its heart runs at a rate of 28,800vph, or a 4Hz frequency, and delivers 42 hours of running time when fully wound by hand. The move to a Swiss-made movement is very welcome, as it feels like a step up from the Chinese Seagull ST-1901 that powered its tasty chronographs. And in all fairness, the Sellita might be an entry-level mechanical movement, but it’s very reliable and easily serviced if needed.

The whimsical Studio Underd0g 02 Series goes on sale (or pre-order, at least) now for a price of GBP 800 / EUR 850 / USD 900. It’s supplied on a leather strap with a stainless steel pin buckle and quick-release spring bars, so swapping out straps is a breeze. All things considered, the 02 Series is actually quite a good deal as you get a highly original and refreshing take on the classically styled field watch with a reliable Swiss-made mechanical movement for a very sensible price! And even if the Pink Lem0nade or Steffany Blue 02’s are a bit ‘out there’ for you, there’s the Full Mo0n and Midnight to fall back on. What’s not to like about that?

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  1. Their style was cute on a watermelon watch, but here it takes a serious subject (WWII MoD) and treats it glibly.

    “Wouldn’t it be fun, if during Hitler’s reign of terror, they asked us to design a watch to keep the RAF on-time?”

    Then I looked at the “About us” page and went “OHHHHHHH.”

    Big swing and a miss here.

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