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The New Sarpaneva Moonbridge Bracelet in Stainless Steel

It's not a watch. It's a new Sarpaneva bracelet!

| By Denis Peshkov | 2 min read |

Crafting an original watch bracelet is no easy feat, and only a handful truly stand out for their intricate and timeless design, offering a unique blend of elegance, comfort, and security. Despite our usual focus on timepieces, the moment a creator like independent Suomi watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva unveils his bracelet creation, we can’t help but take notice. We are introducing the Moonbridge bracelet, a masterwork that captivates with its unique charm.

Born in 1970 into a family with a rich legacy of craftsmanship, Stepan Sarpaneva was destined for greatness, and his ambition to craft distinctive watches found fertile ground in his heritage. Sarpaneva workshop, based in Helsinki, embodies his commitment to producing mechanical timepieces of exceptional quality, steeped in the tradition of the watchmaker’s art. One of his notable, fun and trendy creations is the original interpretation of the moon face. When some excelled in copying NASA photos for the moon phase indication, he offered a unique perspective of Earth’s closest satellite.

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The concept for a bracelet designed to complement all of the brand’s watches with the iconic Korona 42mm case was conceived by Sarpaneva in 2003 and finally realised two decades later. Crafted in Switzerland by Maison Maspoli, adhering to Sarpaneva’s design and employing traditional hand-finishing techniques, the Moonbridge bracelet seamlessly integrates with your watch, be it Lunations, Stardust, Näkki or Moomin. The Moonbridge features crescent-shaped links with alternating satin and polished patterns, harmonising perfectly with the overall design language of Sarpaneva timepieces.

When fitted to the Korona case, the Moonbridge bracelet looks like a natural extension, introducing a distinct aesthetic that adds 70 grams to the weight on your wrist. The bracelet is secured with a double butterfly folding clasp and has a half link. Available for purchase directly on the Sarpaneva website, this original accessory represents Sarpaneva’s design vision, and it can be yours for EUR 2,500, including shipping but excluding taxes.

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  1. Hi Stu!
    Sadly the Microadjustment would need totally different clasp design which would kill the story in my opinion……. I trust old school!

  2. It’s construction is deceptively simple for the spectacular looks it achieves.

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