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Seiko Celebrates An Icon Of Japanese Design, The Honda Super Cub

An launches two new Seiko 5 Sports Models, the SRPJ49 and the SRPJ75

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

If we talk about icons of design made in Japan, there are more than just pagodas, temples or patterns from the Edo era. Some industrial objects, with highly mundane origins, have gained cult status over the years. Case in point, the Honda Super Cub, a lightweight motorcycle produced in millions for over 60 years, with the first objective to offer transport to the Japanese working class. One of the world’s most produced motorcycles in history, and yet one of the simplest of them all, it is recognized among dozens. And today Seiko pays tribute to this icon, with the new Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub Limited Edition SRPJ49 and SRPJ75.

Launched in 1958 and in continuous production since, the Honda Super Cub has been made in more than 100 million examples (number surpassed in 2017). It’s often considered the Ford Model T or Volkswagen Beetle of motorcycling, and an icon of 20th century industry and transport. A simple, reliable and practical design, it was meant to be the blue-collar of motoring, helping the rapid expansion of the industry in Japan. With the latest versions, Honda has retained the overall same spirit, but also adds a certain nostalgia to the design that speaks to a younger generation.

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Seiko’s tribute to the Super Cub takes the shape of a pair of Seiko 5 Sports watches – also known as the most mundane of watches made by the brand. Relying on the same base case as all models from this entry-level range, they measure 42.5mm in diameter, 13.4mm in height and with a lug-to-lug measurement of 46.0mm. Cases are made of stainless steel and reminiscent of the SKX007 series, with brushed and polished surfaces, a unidirectional bezel with aluminium insert and a crown positioned at 4 o’clock. Water-resistant is rated at 100m and the dial is protected by a Hardlex crystal. You’ll also note a fuel gauge engraving on the surface of the crown.

There are two versions of the Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub presented. First, the SRPJ49 and its cream and green colour scheme, over a non-coated steel case. Second, the SRPJ75 with a grey and black colour scheme over a black-coated steel case. Both, however, share the same design with a dial unique to this series. The central band, the round marker at 12 o’clock and the two orange indexes framing it are recalling the silhouette of the Super Cub, as seen from the front – mimicking the headlight and blinkers. The rest of the markers opt for a square design and the hands retain the classic look of the collection.

Adding to the exclusivity of these two Super Cub Limited Edition SRPJ49 and SRPJ75 is a nylon NATO-like strap with the logos of Honda and of Super Cub. Colours are matching that of the dial and bezel. Powered by the automatic calibre 4R36, the back features a red-coloured window with the collaboration’s logo on its surface.

The Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub watches are released in limited editions. The green SRPJ49 will be available in November 2022, in 6,000 pieces, at EUR 410. The black SRPJ75 will be available in February 2023, in 5,000 pieces, at EUR 450. For more details, please visit

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  1. In an age where mechanical watches become less and less necessary, bold, fresh and funky designs like this really make a difference. The cream and green really catches the spirit of the cub. This would go nice wirh t-shirt and jeans or casual wear although I don’t think it should be worn too much as its novelty could wear off with too much wrist time.


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