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The MeisterSinger Singularis Enamel Limited Edition

A highly exclusive edition of the Singularis with a genuine enamel dial.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |
Meistersinger Singularis Enamel Limited Edition

German watchmaker MeisterSinger is mainly known for its rather unique take on the single-handed watch, a display common across all its watches. Additionally, most of the watches made by the brand are quite accessible, but from time to time, there’s something more high-end on offer. Think about the surprising Bell Hora and its hour-strike complication. Today, it’s about craftsmanship, with an exclusive watch that relies on traditional skills: meet the new Meistersinger Singularis Enamel edition.

The Singularis is relatively recent and forms the second generation of top-of-the-range MeisterSinger watches. As the successor of the Circularis, it houses a powerful and nicely shaped proprietary movement with a 5-day power reserve, bringing the single-hand display into an entirely different category. In its classic version, the Singularis is a 43mm stainless steel automatic watch available exclusively with a blue sunray-brushed dial. Compared to previous generation high-end models, it has a newly shaped case with a more pronounced stepped bezel, a screwed back and a revised dial with an inner flange.

Meistersinger Singularis Enamel Limited Edition

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Today, the Singularis goes even more high-end and more classic by switching its automatic movement for a manual one and by replacing its blue dial with an ivory-coloured one… and it’s made of genuine, oven-fired enamel (not what some call cold enamel, a synthetic resin mixed with pigments that solidifies without heating). The look is that of yesteryears pocket watches, with a large dial adorned with very thin printings, old-school styled numerals and the brand logo in cursive font. Time is read by a heat-blued steel needle hand.

The dial of this MeisterSinger Singularis Enamel, as you’ve guessed by the name, is traditional émail. It uses a complex and traditional method: grounding the raw material (glass-forming silicates and oxides) into a fine powder in a mortar. The enamel dust is then applied to the prepared copper dial using a fine screen. The dial is initially fired at around 800°C in a special furnace and then needs to cool down slowly. After cooling, the dial is dried and cleaned, and the process is repeated a second and a third time. The reverse side also needs to be similarly treated and fired several times.

Meistersinger Singularis Enamel Limited Edition

Under the sapphire caseback is the brand’s calibre MSH01, in its hand-wound version. This double-barrel movement delivers its energy for 120 hours and beats at a modern 4Hz frequency. It is also nicely designed with curved bridges and circular Geneva stripes.

Meistersinger Singularis Enamel Limited Edition

The Meistersinger Singularis Enamel is worn on a leather strap with crocodile printing (a nice, well-made calfskin strap would look better and more qualitative…) and is released in a limited edition of 20 pieces. It is priced at EUR 6,490. For more details, please visit

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