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MeisterSinger Limited Urban Day Date “Edition Today”

It’s always today with this one!

| By Erik Slaven | 2 min read |

MeisterSinger is famous for its sole focus on a single hour hand, eschewing those pesky minute and seconds hands. The dials harken back to a simpler time when clock towers in the Middle Ages displayed a single hour hand. That hasn’t stopped the brand from including interesting complications, like an oversized moon phase on the Lunascope or a visible jumping hour mechanism on the Salthora Meta Transparent. The new Limited Urban Day Date “Edition Today” brings what could be the most sophisticated complication yet to the brand of almost twenty years – a day/date feature where the day is always Today. Wait, what? 

Otherwise similar to MeisterSinger Urban series watches like the Urban Day Date, this piece doesn’t want to tell you the day of the week. After all, do you really need to know? It’s always today, of course. Who needs tomorrow? It’d be a little weird if that Today window simply rotated to another Today, although if each were a different colour, that’d be cool. But no, these Todays are special as they’ll teach you how to say “today” in seven different languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Esperanto). You heard that right, once you’ve established that it is indeed today, you can imagine what it’s like to be today in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and more! Those other Todays won’t happen until later in the week, so you’ll have to enjoy your current today for now and anxiously wait for tomorrow’s today in a different language. Is all of this making sense?

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Now that we have that established, this is still an Urban series watch that otherwise functions normally. The 316L stainless steel case is 40mm in diameter and 13.25mm in height with an exhibition caseback secured by external screws. A domed sapphire crystal protects the single-hand dial that’s reminiscent of an air or water pressure gauge, and the slightly oversized crown is easy to manipulate. Water-resistance is rated at 50 metres. The black dial is classic MeisterSinger with white Arabic numerals in double digits (01, 02, 03, etc.), a circular date window at 6 o’clock in red and the Today window at 12 o’clock in green. The lone hour hand is white with a red tip. A brown leather strap with white stitching and a steel pin buckle comes standard. 

Powering the watch is the affordable and always reliable Miyota 8285 automatic. It has 21 jewels, beats at 21,600vph (3Hz) with a 42-hour power reserve. Functions include a single hour, date and, well… Today. Yes, it’s fully equipped to display the days of the week, but as we’ve already established ad nauseam, just enjoy that it’s today. Carpe diem, folks. 

The MeisterSinger Urban Day Date “Edition Today” is limited to 100 pieces with availability at select retailers from October. The price is EUR 1,100, so hurry and get yours TODAY. For more information, visit MeisterSinger’s website.

7 responses

  1. El Grupo Citizen han dejado de fabricar este calibre Miyota 8285. Si es verdad, Meistersinger tendrían que guardarlos en el cajón. O instalar sw200-1 como minimo por ese precio.

  2. I’d actually like this watch if only it DID tell me what day it is. Don’t know anybody who even cares about Esperanto! and that novelty of different lingos would wear thin quickly.

  3. Miyota and 1100 euros…Hilarious!!! Also the “today” instead the day…

  4. At last, a watch that gives the exact date, an approximate time and thrown in at no extra cost a no day complication. All that and to enable it to happen for €1100 a cheap miyota movement and a leather strap. Tempting

  5. I absolutely LOVE IT! The idea is great, simple, and empowering power of Today.
    How come that nobody came up with anything like this before ? It is priceless, and MeisterSinger has always surprise me with something new, not an old same thing over and over…
    Btw the link above doesn’t take you to this watch on their site.

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