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The France-Only Zenith Defy Skyline Edition Paris

A new take on the brand's integrated sports watch with a verdigris gradient dial.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Released in 2022, the Defy Skyline was Zenith‘s answer to the growing demand for sports watches with integrated bracelets. Blending historical cues of the late 1960s Defy model with modern mechanics and design elements, it fuses the styles of the Defy Classic and Defy Extreme into a new interpretation of a luxury sports watch. As the French capital prepares to welcome visitors from all over the world this summer, Zenith launches a France-exclusive edition of the Defy Skyline with an appealing new verdant gradient dial. 

While remaining technically identical to previous standard editions of this watch, as well as several special editions, Zenith has decided to bring a signature Parisian colour – verdigris – to its Defy Skyline. A reference to ancient architecture with abundant copper details, verdigris is a tone found everywhere in the French capital as it corresponds to the colour copper develops when ageing. This colour is now found on the dial of the Skyline and, for the first time, has a gradient effect – a design feature that Zenith was one of the first to use back in 1969. The embossed starry sky pattern remains present, too.

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For the rest, we’re looking at the same watch as before. A modern interpretation of the Defy concept, the Skyline has a sporty integrated design with a 41mm stainless steel case and a height of about 12mm. It is characterized by a classic barrel-shaped case topped by a 12-sided bezel (again, a hallmark element of the Defy collection). The case is finished mostly with brushed surfaces, upscaled with polished accents.

While new in colour, the dial retains the original display of the rest of the collection: the hours and minutes are traditionally displayed in the centre, the sub-counter at 9 o’clock could be mistaken for a small seconds dial, yet this watch is powered by a time-only El Primero… And this means a high-frequency movement and a sub-counter that displays the 1/10th of a second. Inside the case is the calibre 3620, an automatic movement running at a 5Hz frequency and boasting 60 hours of power reserve. It is wound by a star-shaped rotor, and the back is engraved with “Edition Paris” and the watch’s limited edition number.

Delivered with an integrated steel bracelet, as well as a black patterned rubber strap (both with a tool-free, quick-exchange system), the Zenith Defy Skyline Edition Paris is limited to 50 pieces and available exclusively from Zenith’s physical and online boutiques in France. It is priced at EUR 9,900. For more details, please visit

6 responses

  1. Are you sure about the sub counter showing 1/10 of a second? In that case, the second hand would make a full circle every second. I thought, the second hand makes a full circle in 10 seconds, instead of 60 seconds.

  2. @Jan – yes, we’re sure. This counter has a hand rotating once every ten seconds, with the long markers indicating the seconds, and each small one marking 1/10th of a second

  3. I think that the 9:00 position sub dial has a ratio to milli-….does any one know how many milliseconds are in a second? I could be wrong on this.

  4. @Timekeeper – considering there are 1,000 milliseconds in a second (hence the “milli” part of the name), that would be impossible with a 5Hz movement that, at its best, can only display the 1/10th of a second (due to its 10 oscillations per second rate)

  5. Lol does anyone know how many millimetres are in a metre?

    Anyway it’s either this or a Citizen Super Titanium for like 400. They look exactly the same

  6. F, that’s very graceful of you..

    But, speaking about millimeters: why does it have to be so thick? Surely the Zenith engineers must be able to push it under 10 without compromising too much with cost or performance? I mean, Nomos does it.


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