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Inside The Educational Boutique Of Glashütte Original In Paris

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Glashutte Original Boutique Paris Rue de la Paix

You might think that a boutique is… a boutique, meaning that in the end, the goal is to discover and buy watches. Well, this conception was true until a few years ago. However, today this perception might be slightly different and collectors, enthusiasts or newcomers have different wishes and want a different experience. While opening a new boutique Rue de la Paix, in the heart of the Paris’ watch heaven, Glashütte Original had this in mind. Today, we’d like to share with you the new approach wanted by the brand, based on education, understanding and didactical experience.

For those who already know the brand, they might remember the old Glashütte Boutique in Paris, a small (very small) shop where the experience was unfortunately only based on discovering the watches. As good as the team was, there was no opportunity for more. This had change recently with a new flagship store located Rue de la Paix, Paris (in what we could name “the watch and jewelry heaven of Paris“). The Glashütte Original Boutique in Paris is now larger (135sqm dedicated to the entire collection), more pleasant and more comfortable. Good point for sure, but the most interesting isn’t here.

Glashutte Original Boutique Paris Rue de la Paix

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The new boutique, dressed in cream and dark wood (in a cosy, modern and far away from exuberant atmosphere) is divided in 3 areas: the first one is entirely devoted to the exposition, with large and clear displays to discover the watches offered by the Saxonian manufacture. After a corridor adorned with the high-end pieces (even if you can afford them, it’s always pleasant for the eyes to meet with a tourbillon or a complex chronograph), sits a classical selling area. The most interesting part is at the back of the boutique. There, a salon will allow collectors and potential clients to sit around a table, in order to discuss and discover both the watches, the brand, the manufacture and its rich history (see here to know more). Next to this salon is a watchmaker’s bench, and that’s where the difference come.

Glashutte Original Boutique Paris Rue de la Paix

While most boutiques are still based on the displays / selling areas conception, Glashütte Original wanted to offer much more to its clients. In fact, it’s all about education, discovery and understanding. From the words of Charlotte Pradayrol, the boutique manager, when opening the door of the 6, rue de la Paix, you enter a “hands-on boutique“. Everything is made to be seen, to be touched, to play with. In fact, the brand knows that when you are whiling to pay over 10,000 Euros in a object as futile as a watch (clearly, an expensive watch is nowadays something different that a object of time), you have to understand why. Why this price? Why this complexity? Why such a time spend on manufacturing and finishing parts?

The boutique is based on a touch-and-feel concept, meaning that everything you see is part of the experience. Don’t be shy to play with the touch-screens in the entrance. And no, it’s not impolite to open drawers there. In fact, do so. The goal is to start from the watch as an entity and to dive into it, from the movement to the single parts that compose it. You have to live the experience as an horology lesson, which will be guided by the in-house watchmaker – who do no serve here only to change a strap. His role is mainly to educate, explain and train (both the clients and the team). The goal is to make accessible something that is often seen as inaccessible by newcomers. We always emphasized here at Monochrome on one single fact: “understanding is essential for appreciation“. So does the Glashütte Original boutique in Paris.

Glashutte Original Senator Excellence

The Glashütte Original Boutique Paris is located 6, Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris. We do encourage you to make a stop there and to have a talk with the people of the boutique, just to discover more about the brand. It will also be the occasion to discover the latest collections, including the elegant and refined Senator Excellence or the Senator Chronometer with Blue dial. And who knows, there are still a few days left before Christmas…

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