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Monochrome x Glashütte Original – The creation of a movie for Berlinale

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Sometimes, in your watch journalist’s life, you have some good news coming. You can test watches that are usually impossible to get your hands on, you get to visit manufactures, you writing about your passion. However, once in a while, you end up to something more exclusive and rare. Recently, we had a request from a brand we really like here at Monochrome-Watches, a German manufacture called Glashütte Original. And the result is this very nice movie that will be presented during Berlinale (Berlin’s Film Festival) and here the story behind it.

Glashutte Original movie making of - 1

The story behind this movie is simple. Born in Nick Hayek’s and Yann Gamard’s minds (CEO of Swatch Group and CEO of Glashütte Original), together with Glashütte Original marketing / PR teams, the idea was to ask 5 friends of the brand to create a movie that shows their perception of the manufacture and what is the most important feature to talk about. We at Monochrome-Watches, were waited to talk about the watches, the movements, the finishings… well, in a sense, what we are usually talking about here. Instead, we chose to talk about the most desirable and most important aspect of this German manufacture: the women and men behind these watches and the way they are transmitting their knowledge, from a generation to another.

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The concept was to focus first on the history of the manufacture, its old roots and how this German way to create watches grew and survived to tough times (WWI and WWII for instance). Our perception of Glashütte Original was a ‘Phoenix Rising’, because of the rebirth of fine watchmaking in 1994 in this small Saxonian town. Even during WWII and GDR times, people at Glashütte continued to build watches and to transmit their knowledge on how to manufacture beautiful timepieces and beautiful movements.

Glashutte Original movie making of - 5

Our main concern when filming this movie was to focus on the women and men working at Glashütte Original and how, into the watchmaking school and inside the manufacture, they are transmitting their expertise to young generations. The best however is to have a look at this beautiful movie and we’ll promise you that you’ll learn things you’d probably never expect from a brand like Glashütte Original.

Special thanks to the marketing and PR teams of Glashütte Original for their patience and expertise. Also thanks to the movie team for creating with us this movie.

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  1. Only just found this movie, thank you so much.
    The latest Glashutte newsletter has a 30 minute film of all aspects of the watch making facility.
    Plus some new gems, to tempt buyers,who are already struggling to pay the rent.

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