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The MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps – Classic with a Twist

Made by hand from the most supple alligator leather we have ever had on our wrist - the perfect replacement strap for all luxury watches!

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We at MONOCHROME, just like you, love beautiful watches. And by that, we mean all kinds of watches: modern, sporty, iconic, elegant, dressy, vintage or simply classic. For this very reason, when we decided to introduce straps in the MONOCHROME shop, we had to make a choice based on what we’d like to see on our own watches. The result is the MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps. A meticulous choice of leather, four classic colours, unique details to give them a twist and outstanding quality (more on that later).

Just like the Canvas Watch Rolls we presented to you recently, the MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps are the result of our passion for watches. They are what we, the MONOCHROME editorial team, would love to pair with our beloved watches – and in fact, the watches you can see in this article come from our personal (modest) collections. While there’s an invasion of vintage-style straps on the market, we thought about those with more classic, more elegant watches and what could be a perfect match with both a JLC Reverso, a Lange 1815, an Omega Speedmaster or a vintage Seiko Hi-Beat… A tough choice.

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We decided to go with an elegant, classic alligator strap in various colours… But not any kind of alligator leather. We wanted one that was both thin, matte and above all, one with superior suppleness. For this reason, our straps are hand-made in a small Italian atelier that sources some of the best skins possible – large scales only, of course. The MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps are crafted from the most supple alligator leather we have ever had on our wrist – and no, we’re not exaggerating when we say that. While OEM (original equipment manufacturer) straps are often stiff when new and require a few weeks before curving nicely around the wrist, our straps are instant wrist lovers.

Now that we had the choice of skin and the overall quality in place, we also wanted to bring our signature touch to these MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps. Something cool, something unique but something discreet. This is why the interior lining of our straps is made of “sky blue” leather. A cool, unique twist that remains invisible when wearing the watch. This will become our signature style on all upcoming straps.

As you can see, whether you choose to wear a gold Lange, a sporty Monaco, a classic Speedmaster, a twisty Girard-Perregaux or a vintage Lord Marvel, the MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps really complement your watch.

These straps are available in four different colours: black, “honey” brown, dark brown and navy blue – all with matching stitching and our MONOCHROME “sky blue” lining.

The MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps are available in various dimensions: 18/16, 18/18, 19/16, 20/16, 20/18, 22/18 (the first number is the size between the lugs in millimetres, the second number is the size in millimetres at the buckle). Of course, customised sizes are possible as well.

We decided not to include a buckle with these alligator straps. This way you can put your OEM buckle back and enjoy the original look of your watch – and that’s why we offer various dimensions, not only for the lugs but also for the buckle.

You can find the MONOCHROME Alligator Leather Straps (as well as more products, including bracelets and watch rolls) in the MONOCHROME Shop here.

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