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Canvas Watch Roll – Your Watch Comes Out Polished

The MONOCHROME Waxed Canvas Watch Roll lets you take up to five watches with you on your travels.

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canvas watch roll

This review is long overdue… an introduction to the canvas watch roll that we added to our webshop half a year ago. I travel quite a bit and I take a few watches with me whenever I’m on the road, or as is usually the case, in airplanes and airport lounges. The question is: what is the best way to transport your watches when you’re travelling? I’ve tried and tested many pouches, boxes and rolls, and finally decided to create one that ticks all boxes.

Most of us, folks with a more than average interest in watches, usually pack two or more watches when travelling; a different watch for a different occasion. That’s why it’s so important that the watches we pack in our luggage are stored safely during travelling. But what is ‘safe’? When we were discussing – and later designing – our canvas watch roll, we tackled as many ‘safety’ issues as possible.

Canvas watch roll

Our watch roll is not a luxury steel & leather portable vault; such a portable vault could be regarded as ‘safe’ but I guess it also could attract a lot of (unwanted) attention. Our watch roll is unassuming, unpretentious and designed to fly under the radar, and that’s just one reason why I call it ‘safe’.

The watch roll we designed is made from 12oz. waxed canvas, thus very sturdy and lined with microfibre suede, which in turn is very soft for the watches inside. Just imagine your classy gold dress watch in a waxed canvas watch roll and seeing the scratches when you take the watch out of the roll! Exactly, that’s not going to happen with our watch roll thanks to its soft microfibre lining. In fact, it might even come out polished! Another reason to regard our watch roll as ‘safe’.

canvas watch roll

You can slide a watch into any one of the five pockets – but be warned that the roll is not suitable for watches with shaped straps (that cannot fold flat) – and next, you fold the flap over the ends of the straps and buckles. Roll it up like a burrito, wind the leather string around the package and your watches are safely and securely stored. It really works. Another benefit is its remarkably small size (much smaller than I ever imagined five watches in a watch roll could be) and your watches are protected from scratches, bangs, etc. and protected from all the inconveniences they could run into, inside your bag.

Oh, by the way, I also use these watch rolls to store most of my collection in the vault. Our waxed canvas watch roll can store up to five watches, or the fifth pocket could also be used to store some tools and/or extra straps. Also, large watches, with a 45mm or 47mm diameter, fit in snuggly. We designed four different colours, each with a different microfibre lining.

May I invite you to take a look? Now available to buy on our webshop: the MONOCHROME Waxed Canvas Watch Roll

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