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The New Ikepod Seapod Collection

A newly interpreted dive watch by the resurrected Ikepod

| By Robin Nooy | 4 min read |
Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

When it comes to intriguing, original designs within the watch industry, Ikepod as a concept is hard to ignore. The pebble-shaped watches have received somewhat of a cult-like status and are considered emblematic designs. But, the company hasn’t had the easiest of lives, with a bankruptcy in 2006, then relaunched in 2008, lasting only 4 more years until all production ended in 2012. Turning the page and writing a new chapter for the last three years, Ikepod is now returning to dive watches, but not as you might have anticipated. Here’s a hands-on look at the new Ikepod Seapod collection.

Ikepod’s story starts in 1994, with Oliver Ike and Marc Newson designing a watch like none before it. The almost perfectly round, sphere-like designs would become modern icons, and not only by watchmaking standards. The watches were different from all angles, deliberately overdesigned as a product to be much more than a watch. It was the stand-out brand for designers, artists, architects, and others who felt attracted to the UFO-like watch.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

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In 2018 a successful Kickstart campaign brought back life to the dormant Ikepod and since has been working hard to find back its place on the market. Changing the positioning of the brand, drastically cutting prices to the sub-2k mark, has helped the renewed Ikepod to garner attention. To achieve this, a quartz-powered Duopod and Chronopod were successfully launched in 2018 through Kickstarter. Two years later the new Ikepod Megapod, with a mechanical movement, saw the light of day.

An example of the early Ikepod Seaslug, with its concave bezel and GMT indication – photo by

In 2021 Ikepod is ready to show its new dive watch to the public, the Seapod. It’s not the first aquatic-oriented watch by the company, as the Seaslug was an original design when the brand first launched in 1994. The Seapod does take some of the styling elements of that inaugural dive watch and turns it into something new yet still very much Ikepod.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

The case of the Ikepod Seapod is pebble-shaped and made of stainless steel, with an almost seamlessly integrated rotatable bezel. Three models are introduced, two of which are fully brushed with black markings on the bezel, and one in black PVD with luminous material for the bezel. Free of any knurling or profiling to aid in rotating the bezel, it must be said that manipulating the bezel remains fairly easy! Do take into account though this is not an ISO-certified dive watch, so there are a few liberties taken in the design and execution.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

Undoubtedly the most significant link between the original Seaslug and this new Seapod is the design of the hour markers of the sandwich dial. The markers feature 3D coloured dots applied on a back background. Cutouts in the black dial on top allow for the lume to shine through. On the outer flange is a minute ring with 5-minute increments and minutes markers.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

The hands of the Ikepod Seapod are very familiar in design, as the shape is also used in other collections by Ikepod. While the hour and minute hands have luminous material with a coloured outline, the seconds hand has none whatsoever and is in solid colour. You either have a choice of orange over black, blue over black, or white over black (with a black PVD case). The crown is slightly recessed into the case when screwed down.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

Turning the watch over reveals the mechanical movement inside. The “reinvented” Ikepod uses Miyota movements since 2018, and so does this new Ikepod. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, and the Miyota 9039 Automatic does its intended job. It provides you with the hours, minutes, and seconds, which is basic but all you essentially need. The power reserve is rated at 42 hours.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

The Ikepod Seapod comes on a soft silicone strap in either bright blue or black but bracelets are also an option. The 46mm wide case has no lugs, so the straps tuck in underneath the bezel. This also means the watch wears a lot smaller than the size might suggest. Even though not a certified instrument, the watch does come with an adequate 200m depth rating.

Ikepod Seapod Collection Dive Watch 2021

The price for the Ikepod Seapod is EUR 1,350 for the steel and orange S001 Zale or blue S002 Jacques, and EUR 1,450 for the black PVD coated S003 François.

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13 responses

  1. They still don’t get it. And neither do you. Making a cheaper watch so they can bring down the price but still keep profit margin as high as possible is not of interest. Let’s see how long that lasts.

  2. Hi I’m not sure that you understand?! The product is well made and affordable, the design is refreshing and the quality excellent. If you haven’t bought one of the latest pieces from the brand please don’t comment. I’m a very happy customer and looking forward to what new models Ikepod bring to the table

  3. Ron, when I see these, what they are for me is finally getting an iconic watch to all who love this design — and not just the people who had 10 to 20 thousand $ for it back in the day.

    So for the end-users without a “swiss-fetish”, Miyota is just as good — and now we can finally afford an object we wanted for year. That can only be positive.

  4. For me it’s simple; I liked the Seaslug and I like the Seapod. And the PVD version is the best here.

  5. I think they are trying but I don’t see the purity of the original design. I might consider this one at $500-$600. I could not justify anymore of an investment for my perceived value. I would consider this a “fun” watch.

  6. Solo posee la frescura de su diseño atipico, pero no tiene nada que ver con un verdadero diver.

  7. I’ve admired the Ikepod line before and after they declared bankruptcy and resurfacrd to try it again.
    I’ve even observed an Ikpod first hand in Italy which was on sale. The seller stated: We have to many problems with the watch that’s why it’s on sale. nevertheless Ikepods are unique. Would I purchase the latest Ikepod versions?
    Answer: Yes, provided Ikepod provided a free gym membership that guarantees to increases my wrist size including elevating my strength; in essence, Ikepods are to large and heavy yet they are interesting beautiful.

  8. I absolutely love the design of this watch, but at these prices, my bet is that they will not be able to make it – again.
    Dear folks at IKEPOD,
    After your history, you should start with the tiniest profit margin possible that will let you survive.
    Then, maybe after two or three successful watches that were able to re-instate your “good” name, and eventually achieve the same cult status you were once able to enjoy, you could start getting into the realm where the owners might be able to buy themselves a new car 🙂 and hope that you are able to launch two new watches a year that are as good as they MUST be in today’s market to survive, – or be successful.
    I, for one, wish you all the Best in the future, just don’t try to pay all your bills (and a new car) 🙂 with that first watch you seem to be using to rebuild your reputation.
    No matter how good that watch might be, be patient, and you will have a fighting chance.
    I hope I will be able to review one of them in my groups and will not hesitate to tell the “truth, and nothing but the truth”, to my members. I hope reality is as perfect as the watch looks !
    Best of luck !
    Cheers !
    Life is Good ! 🤙🤙🤙

  9. I bought the initial quartz chronograph release as I love the design but let’s live in the real world…1600usd for a miyota movement???? You can get a Zelos mako, a Helm and save 500usd or alternatively buy a Longines Hydroconquest for that price.

  10. The design is awesome. I just impulse bought the blue one from an Instagram ad. It’s a little pricey but I don’t see any other designs out there with this unique flying saucer look. Appears to be a quality build. Miyota is a solid movement. Hope it doesn’t look too small or my wife gets a Xmas gift.

  11. Valen, how in gods name can it look too small? 46 mm is a still a humungous size no matter how the marketing spins it. I do like some of the other models… but really don’t know why they so stubbornly stick with that size.

  12. Whimsical Look, Design cutting Edge, Price questionable, creative Marketing would be necessary etc.

  13. I’ll put it this way. I just bought a watch to put on my wrist, because it’s an Ikepod (a new one). The coolest thing on the wrist and, for me, on the watch market.

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