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Hanhart Pioneer Mk II 80 Jahre Jubilaeum

The classic Flieger chronograph with the green colours of the Black Forest.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

When it comes to historical pilot chronographs, the name Hanhart can’t be overlooked. The brand was one of the first to issue pilot chronographs to the German Armed Forces. Known as Flieger watches, these chronographs were utilitarian wrist instruments for pilots. Relatively discreet and down to earth (one of the reasons why we like them), the brand has recently started to make them more attractive, like this ultra-cool 417 ES Reissue. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the historical model that served as inspiration, today the brand releases a cool, green limited edition of its signature chronograph. Here’s the Hanhart Pioneer Mk II 80 Jahre Jubilaeum. 

Hanhart is a brand with a rich history. Founded in Diessenhofen, Switzerland by watchmaker Johann A. Hanhart in 1882, with production relocated to Schwenningen, Southern Germany in 1902, the brand specialized in stopwatches (in the mid-1920s). Having built impressive know-how in this field, by the time Europe entered the war, Hanhart started to deliver purpose-built wrist chronographs for military forces. The first Hanhart chronograph launched in 1938 and was powered by the company’s in-house, single-pusher calibre 40. Two years later, Hanhart launched its first pilot’s chronograph, the Mark II, a two-pusher chronograph with the famous Calibre 41.

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With its fluted bezel with a red marker, its bi-compax layout, its typical cathedral hands over a black dial and its large crown and asymmetrical pushers, the two-pusher model “Calibre 41” is still immediately recognizable as a Flieger chronograph from Hanhart. This historical and important watch, which was worn by hundreds of German pilots, has been the inspiration for the modern, yet faithful collection known as the Hanhart Pioneer Mk II.

To underscore the importance of the 80th anniversary of this watch, Hanhart is releasing a limited edition based on its classic 2-pusher, bi-compax automatic chronograph, in an unprecedented and rather surprising colour scheme. And there are other new features that make this watch special.

The Pioneer Mk II 80 Jahre Jubilaeum retains the classic 40mm case with elongated lugs and the signature fluted bezel, continuously rotatable (no clicks), with a red marking to perform inflight calculations. The case is presented in a matte, textured sand-blasted finish, with its classic oversized crown. As all historic Calibre 41 watches, as well as its modern evocations, the Pioneer Mk II 80 Jahre is equipped with asymmetrical pushers, the lower one coated in red to prevent unintentional resetting.

Completing this instrumental look is a green canvas strap, with Alcantara inner face (super comfortable) and a sandblasted pin buckle. The watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal dial side, but also a sapphire caseback – a first on a Hanhart Pioneer chronograph. Despite its aviation vocation, the case is water-resistant to 100m.

Now visible, the movement is a reliable, easy-to-service and robust Valjoux 7753, the bi-compax version of the venerable 7750. This automatic cam-lever integrated chronograph runs at 4Hz and stores up to 42 hours of power reserve. It is presented here with a blackened Hanhart rotor, blued screws and perlage.

The main novelty for this Pioneer Mk II 80 Jahre Jubilaeum is its dial, which pays tribute to the region close to where Hanhart watches are manufactured. The dial is green, with a discreet gradient effect and a grained, matte surface. The rest remains true to original Flieger watches with luminous cathedral hands and Arabic numerals, a two-register display, red accents for the chronograph hands and a focus on immediate legibility, day and night.

Availability & price

The Hanhart Pioneer Mk II 80 Jahre Jubilaeum is a limited edition of 200 pieces. It is now available for pre-orders at this dedicated page. It retails for EUR 2,037.31 (incl. 16% German VAT). In the coming year, after the adjustment to 19% VAT, the price will be EUR 2,090.

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