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The New HYT Hastroid Supernova Blue (Live Pics & Price)

Transfering the aesthetics of the Supernova Blue Moon Runner to the Hastroid collection.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

Ever since the return of HYT under the guidance of Davide Cerato, kicking off with the Hastroid Green Nebula at the start of 2022, the highly original concept of meca-fluidic watchmaking is firing on all cylinders. Next to the inaugural Hastroid collection, which used the signature bellow-driven and liquid hour display, HYT also launched the Moon Runner range. This marked the first watch with an additional complication to accompany the hour indication. Taking the aesthetics of the Supernova Blue Moon Runner presented a couple of months ago, HYT now turns blue with the Hastroid Supernova Blue.

When HYT originally broke cover in 2012, people were blown away by the liquid timing display. Using a liquid to display the time in a mechanical movement was baffling, especially considering the fact any form of moisture is a natural enemy to a movement. Nevertheless, HYT managed to create an extremely complex and original way to tell time, using a system of bellows and a liquid-filled capillary as an indication. When HYT returned at the beginning of 2022, this concept thankfully returned as well but staged in a completely new design: the Hastroid.

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The Hastroid Supernova Blue is the next chapter in this signature collection, and it carries over the aesthetics set in place by the Supernova Blue Moon Runner. Its rather large case, coming in at 48mm in width by 52.30mm in length and 17.20mm in height, is constructed with anthracite-coated titanium and carbon. With no less than 64 components, the case itself is a complex construction to begin with. A domed sapphire crystal on top and another one set in the caseback reveals all that’s going on inside the Hastroid. The side grids of the case are also coated in black with a blue background. The winding and setting crown is off-centred, placed between 2 and 3 o’clock and flanked by a pair of guards.

Any HYT is truly something else when it comes to its display. The Hastroid Supernova Blue features the trademark circular capillary for the hours with two non-miscible liquids inside (one blue, one clear). The separation between the two marks the exact hour as the bellows pump the liquid round. The black grid surrounding the capillary carries the luminous 3D hour indices. The large central hand is for the minutes, with a small seconds sub-dial nestled between 9 and 10 o’clock. The final indication is the power reserve, opposite the small seconds. All is suspended over a black-coated background, with the two bellows clearly in sight in the bottom section.

As with the previous Hastroid models, this Supernova Blue version comes with the proprietary calibre HYT 501-CM, developed with Eric Coudray. This modular movement is wound by hand and can store a maximum of 72 hours of power. The entire movement uses 352 parts, with the vast majority coated in black to tie in with the exterior look. It runs at a rate of 28,800vph and uses 41 jewels. The two modules are connected through a lever and a curved feeler-spindle (called sensor), which transfers the circular motion of the movement’s running gear into a linear motion that inflates and deflates the bellows.

The HYT Hastroid Supernova Blue comes on a two-tone black rubber and blue Alcantara hybrid strap. The Alcantara top has been embossed with a block pattern to give it even more life. The strap is “sandwiched” between the upper and lower lug sections extending from the case and is secured to the wrist with a black-coated titanium pin buckle. Limited to just 27 pieces, the HYT Hastroid Supernova Blue will set you back a hefty CHF 70,000.

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