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We Ask Davide Cerrato All About The Comeback of HYT and the New Hastroid

The Comeback of HYT Watches with a new CEO and the New Hastroid Fully Explained

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

HYT Watches is a brand like no other on the independent watch scene. Launched in 2012, HYT created a buzz with their unique meca-fluidic technology, displaying time with fluids. During the pandemic in 2020, the brand announced it was going out of business… Still, just a few months later, HYT is back with a new CEO and Creative Director at his helm, Davide Cerrato. A veteran of the watch industry, Cerrato made a name for himself with brands such as Panerai, Tudor or Montblanc. The launch of this first creation, the Hastroid, was the perfect opportunity to meet him. In the in-depth video on top of this article, we talk with Davide Cerrato about the re-launch of the brand and the whole new HYT Hastroid watch. 

Davide Cerrato, newly-appointed CEO of HYT Watches

Behind HYT is a concept, a vision of displaying time in an unprecedented and clearly unnatural manner. Instead of using traditional hands revolving around a dial, HYT Watches, created in 2012, uses an entirely novel display based on fluids… Yes, indeed, one of the worse enemies of a mechanical watch used to display the time. Here, the display relies on an additional module composed of bellows and a capillary tube in which two non-miscible fluids travel in a retrograde way to indicate the passage of the time, with the point where the two fluids meet representing the current hour. The brand, however, had to face issues and went out of business for a while, before a new CEO and industry veteran was appointed, our long-time friend Davide Cerrato – often considered as one of the most creative minds of the industry.

HYT Hastroid Green Nebula

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Following the presentation of a brand new series of watches, the HYT Hastroid Green Nebula and the Hastroid Green Laser, we thought it was the perfect moment to meet with Davide, and to ask him important questions regarding HYT, its vision, its future and the watches we can expect. What makes HYT unique? What does Cerrato want to inject into the brand? What the new Hastroid is all about? And what to expect in the near future? We cover this all in the video on top of this article.

For more details about the brand, please consult our dedicated page or the brand’s website here.

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