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The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

HYT's unique fluid technology reaches for the Moon on board a two-tone space vessel with 3D lunar phases and calendar indications.

| By Rebecca Doulton | 3 min read |
HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

Since 2012, HYT has cornered a niche in the market as the only watchmaker to display time with fluids. Now with Davide Cerrato at the helm and new partners on board, HYT is determined to continue its unique representation of time but ventures into sci-fi terrain with complex spaceship-inspired cases. The latest HYT model is the Supernova Blue Moon Runner, built with the same vessel structure and movement as the Hastroid Green but with a new 3D display representing the lunar phases and satellite day & month indications. With fluidic hours, rotating lunar cycles and calendar functions, the HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner offers a kinetic view of time and space.

HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

a 3d Moon

In contrast to many traditional flat moon phase representations that are discreetly tucked into an aperture on the dial, the HYT Moon Runner places a 3D model of our neighbouring satellite smack in the centre of the dial. Made of blue and grey-coloured titanium hemispheres, the sphere orbits in the centre of the dial as a V-shaped arm with a circle extending from the minutes flange highlights the corresponding phase of the Moon. Two matte black titanium discs orbiting the Moon display the date and month with lumed inscriptions that align with a luminous indicator at 6 o’clock (in the photos 28 March). The third disc with blue segments is set at a lower level, and its openworked, luminescent triangular hand rotates to indicate the minutes track divided into 5-minute white segments.

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Supernova Blue Retrograde Hours Indicator

The luminous hour numerals are applied to the outermost track with its matte black grid structure. For this more lunar-inspired model, the brand’s retrograde fluid hours display is filled with a special Supernova Blue colour. Although the Moon and calendar display somewhat obscure the central bellows that pump the liquid around the capillary, you can make them out underneath the apertures between the discs at 6 o’clock.

HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

The science behind HYT’s fluid representation of times depends on two immiscible fluids placed inside a glass capillary propelled by bellows. The left bellow pushes the Supernova Blue liquid along the tube, and the right bellow pushes the transparent fluid. The convergence of the two fluids marks the current time.

The new Lunar vessel

The Hastroid Green was Cerrato’s first design for HYT and has been interpreted in Nebula and Neon versions. In a marked return to the early days of HYT, the case abandons the smooth liquid lines of the HYT H5 and adopts a far more complex architecture with angles, openworked areas and a medley of materials. The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner is made from grey and blue-coloured titanium and has a diameter of 48mm, a length of 52.3mm and a height of 13.3mm, topped with a domed sapphire crystal. The openworked areas of the titanium lugs reveal blue details below, underscoring the black and blue colour scheme and adding more depth to the watch. Viewed from the side, you can appreciate the complexity of the sandwich-style case with its sleek matte brushed grey areas and a blue indentation on the side with an aerated grid like the one used for the hour markers.

HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

The black winding crown at 2 o’clock has a grooved crown guard on the side and is large to facilitate winding. The black rubber strap, which flows from the case, echoes the watch’s black and blue colour scheme and has a thick blue Alcantara (suede-like) central strip and a black titanium clasp with glossy sandblasted finishings.

HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner

A titanium central case protects the movement and ensures its 50m water-resistance. The calibre HYT 601-CM, the manual-winding movement powering the functions, was developed by Eric Coudray, the man behind the movement of the H5. With a frequency of 28,800vph, the movement delivers a power reserve of 72 hours and displays refined finishings with satin and bead-blasted parts.

Availability & Price

The HYT Supernova Blue Moon Runner is limited to 27 pieces and will retail for CHF 120,000 (excl. tax). For more information, please visit HYT

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