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HYT H5, the Evolution of the Fluidic Concept with a New Movement

Meet HYT’s latest evolutionary step.

| By Xavier Markl | 3 min read |

HYT watches was born from an ambitious vision combining science, art and philosophy: portraying time with liquids. Because our perception of time is fluid, HYT decided to represent time flowing like a river. To achieve this, the brand imagined a high-tech micro-fluidic module driven by a mechanical movement. The idea is to use two immiscible liquids in motion inside a glass capillary and working in opposition. One liquid illustrates elapsed time, the other represents the future. The position where these liquids meet, named the meniscus, indicates present time. In 2017, HYT returned to the basics, focusing the attention on the fluidic indication under a unique sapphire dome. Following H1, H2, H3 and H4, HYT launched H0 to mark this return to its roots… Two years later, it is now time for a new evolutionary step. Meet the HYT H5.

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The new movement of the HYT H5

This key evolutionary step is incarnated by a new proprietary movement. Developed and manufactured in collaboration with TEC Group and Eric Coudray, this new Calibre 501 stands out by its design and functionality. The main technical evolution lies in an intricately shaped cam to synchronize the hour and minute indications with precision  – which is one of the main technical challenges for HYT. Its 13 positions offer as many steps to cohesively index the two displays.


With H5, HYT brings a more accurate display, where the fluid stops for a full hour in front of the desired indication.

The cam works in conjunction with a long, curved feeler-spindle enabling the orchestration of the mechanism – in particular of the bellows driving the two immiscible fluids. To give an idea of the precision required, HYT mentions that “a one-minute progression of the liquid inside the capillary equals a 1.5-micron move of the active element below“.


A hand-wound movement, the Calibre 501 operates at 4Hz and stores up to 65 hours of power reserve when fully wound. Besides the fluidic hour indication, it displays the minutes at 12 o’clock and the seconds at 10 o’clock. The indicator at 2 o’clock allows you to figure out if the watch needs to be wound.


From an aesthetic perspective, this new movement is undeniably HYT: bold, modern and technical but here again, it shows evolution. Its architectural design is inspired by the idea of erosion, reflecting the essence of time and its passage. Its stratified bridges and parts feature layers and curvaceous lines, somehow reminiscent of ripples in the water. The finishing of the calibre itself echoes this idea. The movement has been given a monochromatic finish with matte sandblasting. The feeler-spindle working in conjunction with the cam is one of the rare polished parts together with the bellows. 

The case of the HYT H5 is designed like a pebble, eroded and smoothed down over time, giving the watch is clean yet sophisticated appearance. Just like H0, its architectural movement is visible under an impressive sapphire dome offering a fascinating perspective from all angles and focusing the attention on the fluidic time indication (backed by a Super-LumiNova rail running under the capillary). At the periphery of the mechanism, a neoralite flange features cut-out vertical numerals framing the movement and offering a lateral view of time’s progress. Fashioned out of a single piece of material, this luminescent component is filled with Super-LumiNova. Its complex manufacturing involves 3D printing, moulding, injection and precision grinding.

The steel case is 48.8mm in diameter but is lug-less – large for sure, but easier on the wrist than you would expect. It is water-resistant to 50m. A perforated rubber strap secured with a titanium folding clasp sets the final touch. 

The HYT H5 launches with two limited editions of 25 watches each. Both combine dark tones with green and opt for black or grey to make their individual statements. Price is set at CHF 55,000EUR 55,000USD 55,000. For more information, please visit

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