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Guessing the Complications of the Christophe Claret Kantharos

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

At Baselworld Christophe Claret will be presenting a new timepiece called Kantharos. Like always, it will be an extremely complicated timepiece that is both technically and visually rather revolutionary. At this time, no specifications of the Kantharos  are know, however there are some that we can guess. 

Extreme complications are becoming Christophe Claret’s attribute. I can still remember being totally blown away when I first saw Claret’s DualTow. But that was just the beginning. Later he created the 21 Black Jack, the X-TREM1 (as we showed you here and here is the hands-on review) and the (also) last year released Soprano.

Christophe Claret Kantharos

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As the teaser image shows, and we can also see this in the beginning of the video, there new Kantharos features an extraordinary pallet fork (or anchor) that is placed opposite of the escapement wheel. For now it remains guessing, but I expect to see a chronograph and a chiming device. Whether it’ll be a repeater, small/grande sonnerie, or something similar or maybe the chiming device is coupled to the chronograph, is something that we will only find out at Baselworld. But by all means, share your thoughts and hit the comment button!

So stay tuned for more information and for now, enjoy the video!

More info about Christophe Claret timepieces on his website.

This article is written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

4 responses

  1. Teasers might be good for films but are they for watches too? IMHO watch brands should stop with this silly game: show it or leave it. A good watch will tease you even if you see it in full. And if it is really really good, it will even tease you until you buy it 🙂

    Regarding the actual watch or what we can see of it: CC makes interesting watches for sure but, IMHO, they always lack of any soul. They leave me cold as ice. The other thing that “bothers” me about CC is the fact that there never seems to be any connection between the different models. The DualTow has nothing to do with the X-Trem, the Soprano again is a totally different approach/story again. As a(mature) brand you have to choose what you want to be. You cannot be Breguet, Richard Mille and MB&F at the same time, can you?

  2. I don’t mind teasers, in fact I like guessing what it might be. In my opinion Christophe Claret is becoming the true master of complications, a nickname that was linked to Franck Muller (by himself), but it seems more justified when linked to CC. When you look at his collection, you can see there is a connection between the different models and actually quite a strong one: extreme complications, tourbillons, repeaters, and other complications, always with much transparency in the dial and often an entire sapphire dial that reveals all technicalities. Whether you like the design, is of course a matter of taste, Jack. However I’m positive that Christophe Claret has created a recognizable face and image for the brand.

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