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Christophe Claret Poker

| By Max E. Reddick | 1 min read |

Christophe Claret, the master of complications, has a new whimsical watch for the casino crowd.  He has given us pinball, baccara (having baccara, roulette and dice), and blackjack, so poker seems a logical next step.  Haute Horlogerie is right at home in the world of high stakes.  Anyone adept enough to calculate the odds and push all-in, bully the short stack at the table, or bluff with nothing, needs a watch commensurate with poker’s thrill.

If a trip to Monte Carlo or Vegas is weeks away, then grab two friends, circle the bar stools, and start a cash game with the watch as dealer.  The watch deals three sets of hold cards and then shows the flop, turn and river cards.  With Christophe Claret nothing has been left to chance, it is all skill.


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