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Glycine Soars into Its 100th Year with a Commemorative F104 Set

| By Max E. Reddick | 1 min read |
Glycine F-104 Set

For Baselworld 2014, Glycine offers a limited edition boxed set of an F104 wrist watch and pocket watch. Though Glycine got its start in 1914 making watch movements for women’s watches, they advanced to chronometers, but most associate the Glycine name with either their Airman, first launched in 1953 and made legendary during the Vietnam War era, or a cadre of other pilot watches like the F104. Their pilot watches have seen combat, racked up countless real-world flight hours, and continue to evolve in design and application.

This is a celebratory year for Glycine in more ways than one. Their vaunted heritage is front and centre, but behind the scenes, DKSH begins a distribution collaboration with Glycine, handling marketing, sales, and after-sales service. With the leverage of DKSH, Glycine gains additional capital and an opportunity to build upon the solid foundations of their past. 2014 is a turning point for the brand, and their commemorative set inaugurates a new chapter of expanding horizons.

Glycine F104 Set

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We like their new Airman Seven and Airman Base 22 luminous models, but the superlative F104 boxed presentation, uniting old and new, watch and pocket watch, symbolizes Glycine’s present crossroads and future.

Glycine F-104 Set

Limited to 250 pieces, this F104, so-named in honour of the Lockheed F104 aircraft, is a 48 mm watch with a beautifully balanced dial. It has a flat sapphire crystal, pilot style leather strap with rivets, and the original onion crown from the first models. The F104 watch is immediately recognizable, much like the 24-hour Airman, and identifies itself as Glycine. Add to this watch a pocket watch of identical size with its own chain included, and you have a nostalgic pairing, which epitomizes Glycine’s aviation connection. For true Glycine fans, this purchase is a must.

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