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Third European GTG by Horomundi

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Last saturday was the third European GTG for Horomundi members. The joy of meeting fellow watch aficionados and sharing our passion for fine watches didn’t last long enough…

After attending the first European GTG in November 2007, i just can’t get enough of these kind of meetings. The second European GTG, a two day event, was also the launch of Holland’s most prestigious watch brand Grönefeld with the Grönefeld GTM-06. I could inform you about the activities, organized by Wim, Horomundi moderator the Glashütte-Original forum…. However let that just be a sweet memory for those present and go on to the part most of us are moved by… the watches!

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Rene Marx from Glashütte Original came all the way from Germany to share the afternoon with us and show Glashütte Original’s novelties from Baselworld. Not only this year’s novelties where present, but also two watches which, in my opinion, do not get enough attention, the Senator Chronometer and the Senator Sixties collection.

During such a meeting everyone wears at least one, but usually two watches. Most people find this the best way to bring their two favorite watches. Late in the afternoon i shot some photos of the wrists present, however i didn’t photograph everyone’s wrist. The watches missing in the photo collection below: Grönefeld GTM-06 in platinum, URWERK 103T Mexican Fireleg, Bremont MB2, Rolex Airking, my own d.m.h and probably several more.

The GTG was, again, something unique. Getting the chance to see 3 URWERK’s, a Jean Daniel Nicholas tourbillon and 2 Grönefeld’s GTM-06… my goodness! A mere mortal does not often get the chance to see so many beautifully crafted and finished, complex and highly complicated watches at once.

Here are’s a photo Ian Skellern made of the 3 URWERK’s:  103T Mexican Fireleg, 103T AlTiN and a black 103 that i have never seen before.

In the evening Tim and Bart Grönefeld presented their new watch, the Grönefeld One Hertz. I’m still very much impressed with the independent deadbeat seconds and because this mechanism is incredibly rare, the chance you’ll find it on other watches is next to zero. When there’s more news, maybe a video of how the deadbeat seconds mechanism works, i will keep you informed of course.

One last photo of this spectacular day…. the table shot!

click to enlarge

Thanx to Wim for organizing this great GTG again, thanx to Glashütte-Original for presenting their collection, thanx to Tim and Bart Grönfeld for telling us more about the new One Hertz and thanx to Ian Skellern for letting me use some of his photos.

To read more about the third European Horomundi GTG visit Horomundi forum.

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  1. We had a wonderful day!

    Nice photo collage, thanks for sharing.


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