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| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

DRSD is a well-known abbreviation for Rolex lovers. It stands for Double Red Sea-Dweller and that’s one of the most sought after (and replicated) of the vintage Rolex sports watches. It’s the mother of all serious dive watches, and was actually used by divers, back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Double Red stands for two lines of red text on the dial, that read “Sea-Dweller – Submariner 2000”. This article however is not about that specific watch, however about the first Dutch Rolex Sun Day.

Bollinger1Somewhere between the Dutch cities of Utrecht and Hilversum was the beautiful location for the very first Dutch Rolex Sun Day. Guests were treated on great food, prepared by Rob and Stanley (great job guys!), and the drinks were of an equal good standard.

A few of the guests brought along their entire collection of Rolex watches, and that was quite a sight! On the photo below I’m admiring two vintage Sea-Dwellers. These were not the Double Red version, however later models that are commonly referred to as Great White because of their full white text on the dial. This is arguably the most beautiful watch that Rolex has made in the long and rich history.

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There were briefcases full of Rolex watches and these were not the average briefcase of the average office clerk, bank employee or even members of the parliament. These were briefcases with LV monograms, and they were packed with gold Day-Date’s, collections of DateJust’s going from the first models to the most recent. Of course there was a plentitude of rare and extremely rare pieces, like a Single Red Sea-Dweller, several triple 6 SD’s, the entire lineage of Submariners and Milgauss.

The first DRSD was a splendid day, and I enjoyed spending the Sunday with fellow watch nerds. I’m maybe not as Rolex-minded that the majority of the guests that day, however it is infectious. I can tell you that I’m dreaming of a Great White to be added to my own collection.


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