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Cvstos… interesting discussion

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

After being offline for a few weeks, i am finally ready to post again. I moved to another house and although i still don’t have an internet connection i can sometimes use a friends connection to read some forums and now post.


One of the few discussions i read and enjoyed reading a lot, is the discussion about Cvstos. Cvstos is in my opinion a brand that has ‘borrowed’a lot of their inspiration from another brand, Richard Mille. While Richard Mille makes extarordinairy pieces and created a unique look for his watches, cases and movements, this relatively new comer has more or less the same look. Just have a look at these photos of Cvstos and the beautiful Richard Mille RM12…

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Besides the similarities in design of the case and movement (i am not assuming their are technically of the same level!!!), they also copied another very unique thing of another brand. Bvlgari uses a Roman “V” for “u” and Cvstos now does the same. How original…

We could start a regular discussion about similarities you can find in most brands, even common brands like Rolex and Omega. But in this case the similarities are quite remarkable 😉 Personally i don’t mind if brand find some sort of inspiration with eachother. The Omega Seamaster Professional is an iconical dive watch and nobody questions it’s integrety. The same can be said about the Rolex Submariner, but both watches do have some similarities. They are round, have almost the same size, a black dial, large black uni directional bezel with the divetime, crown at the 3 position, date at 3 position, steel bracelet with divers extension clasp and a lot of superluminova on the markers. In the case of Cvstos, the similarities go beyond this in my humble opinion….

If you want to participate in the discussion, than you can go to or leave a message here.

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  1. One tiny little fact you seem to have forgotten is your suggestion that Cvstos are being a bit cheeky when copying Richard Mille. Cvstos were producing their watch one or two years before RM. Ever wondered why RM never went to court to discuss copyright issues. Maybe he owes Cvstos some compensation. Best keep quiet.

  2. What about similarities of Mille to Muller? At least in terms of case.

  3. When thinking about a certain type of watch er need to look back further into the history of this; H.Moser&Cie made a model ( link to a pic: ) that has the exact same design as Franc Muller (even the font). Is it a copy or an inspiration? One could say that RM has copied that same design. In the other hand we have a similar discussion for AP/Hublot and now with CVSTOS/RM. This would not be an issue if the case design would be more common. The two pieces you have photos of look completely different to me as the RM has a porthole design. It is like saying all the car rims in the world are copies of each other as they are round.

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