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Watching Celeb Watches: Martin Brundle and his Richard Mille machines

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |

For the last week we’ve been looking at the ‘big side’, with those watches worn by the Legend Michael Jordan. For this week’s instalment of Watching Celeb Watches we’re planning to go fast. Very fast! We are talking racing machines, because of the man we’re looking at and because of what he wears on his wrist. Former Formula 1 pilot Martin Brundle knows that racing cars are dangerous but highly reliable machines. And so, he chose the perfect brand to match his lifestyle: Richard Mille. And seriously, he has quite a collection. 

Being the holder of a world record is always a real achievement for a sportsman. However, it’s hard to know whether Martin Brundle is proud of his record. He holds the dubious distinction of having the longest Formula One career (158 Grand Prix starts) without a race victory, or a pole position or a fastest lap. He was, however, quite active in the Formula 1 championship between 1984 and 1996, which makes him quite a celebrity in the racing world. What he can be satisfied with is a 1st position at the 1991 edition of Le Mans and a 2nd position at the 1983 Formula 3 championship, just behind M. Ayrton Senna himself. Because of his career as a pilot, Brundle is now a Formula 1 commentator for several TV Channels, including the BBC (from 2009 to 2011) and now Sky Sports. And that’s the perfect place to spot him wearing several amazing examples of Richard Mille watches.

Martin Brundle Richard Mille RM 10
Martin spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM 010 – Credits Watchprosite

The first ‘machine‘ spotted on his wrist may be one of the simplest watches of the RM collection, but it is already an impressive one. The Richard Mille RM 010 he’s wearing is furthermore quite unusual with a crown that is coated with red rubber (the one you can see in the photo is actually his personal watch). It comes with a “variable geometry” rotor, that can be adjusted to the owner’s lifestyle (we can guess that, as a racing car driver and active man, Martin asked for a slow and safe setting, in order to protect the movement). Of course, the Richard Mille RM 010 comes with the usual but superb finish of the brand, meaning a partially skeletonized movement, unique spline screws and lots of hand-finished parts.

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Martin Brundle wearing a  Richard Mille RM 11 Flyback Chronograph
Martin Brundle wearing a Richard Mille RM 011 Flyback Chronograph

What a wise choice for this second watch! The Richard Mille RM 011 is clearly a natural option for a racing driver (former or present) and Martin Brundle is not the only pilot to rely on this extremely powerful, masculine but desirable chronograph. Romain Grosjean, a French F1 Driver, also uses such a Richard Mille and even got his own edition of the RM011, in an amazing carbon fibre case, the Richard Mille RM 011 NTPT Lotus F1. The one Martin Brundle is wearing is more classical, as it comes in a titanium case with a black, skeletonized and red-accented dial. What is the RM 011? A chronograph with a flyback mechanism and an annual calendar with a large date. Also add to the package the usual extras of the brand: hand finishing of the elements, technological features such as the fast double barrel or the adjustable rotor geometry and a free sprung balance with variable inertia. Pretty cool don’t you think?

Martin Brundle with a Richard Mille RM 028, a massive diving watch
Martin Brundle with a Richard Mille RM 028, a massive diving watch

Now we move on to more original choices for Martin Brundle. Since he is loyal to Richard Mille, Martin also appreciates the RM 028, a massive but striking diving watch. As you can see in the photo, it is a large-sized watch, with its 47mm-by-15mm titanium case. You may be surprised to know that even with such a robust design, the watch is absolutely comfortable on the wrist (as is every Richard Mille watch). Technically speaking, the RM 028 meets the ISO requirements for diving watches: large luminous hands and markers, water resistance to 300m, rotating bezel with 60-minute scale. You won’t be surprised to know that, even if priced at 80.000USD, it is really made to be used as a tool watch. Desk diving is not the purpose of this timepiece. So Martin, did you find the perfect watch for a rainy Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Martin Brundle and its Richard Mille RM 037
Martin Brundle and its Richard Mille RM 037

The last Richard Mille we’ve spotted on Martin Brundle’s wrist surprised us in a way. The RM 037 is a more elegant and thin interpretation of Richard Mille’s spirit, with its gilded Roman numerals and gold accents on the crown and pusher. At first glance, the sledder design of the case made the impression of a lady’s watch. But now that we can see it on Martin’s wrist, let’s say that he found the appropriate timepiece in Richard Mille’s collection for a red carpet event or any time when a suit and tie is needed. It has this same RM look but in a more refined and discreet approach. What doesn’t change is the construction of the movement and the case, always manufactured with the idea of a racing machine made for the wrist. Even if slimmer and more precious, the RM 037 is still an impressive and robust piece of engineering.

Martin Brundle most definitely has strong and resolute tastes and he knows how to choose the appropriate watch for the appropriate moment, without abandoning his love for the brand Richard Mille.

Thanks to our contributor Nick for the research.

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