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Corum Heritage Vintage Ingot, The Gold Standard

| By Max E. Reddick | 2 min read |

Having a gold watch makes a statement, but what does it say when one has a gold bar, or ingot, strapped to their wrist as a watch? In a blizzard of economic data, charts, 401ks, dividend yields and computer screens streaming real-time quotes, people are likely to seek a portfolio diversification that provides some security. Gold has been a traditional hedge against inflation, and in the past, many countries tied the value of their currency to the “gold standard,” or to a fixed quantity of gold. We might buy a watch for a variety of reasons, but the Corum Heritage Vintage Ingot adds to that list, the investment value of gold.

Corum Ingot Gold

Wearing brilliant 3N gold on your wrist is an act of an unmistakable flamboyance. When that gold has a 999.9 fineness, it means not only is the gold of the highest purity, but with an exact 15 gram weight, the Heritage Vintage Ingot has a commodity value. The purity and weight are engraved on the bottom half of the 24K dial. An official certificate, which guarantees the authenticity of the ingot, accompanies the watch should your broker need it. You can check the current value of gold here.

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Instead of owning a gold watch, you are owning gold bullion that has been transformed into a watch.

1977 Corum Ignot
1977 Corum Ignot

Corum’s flagship watches, its nautically themed Admiral’s Cup watches, are synonymous with the brand as is its passionate sponsorship for sailing regattas, most notably the America’s Cup. In addition, Corum is no stranger to numismatic watches as their coin watch is a perennial favorite, and this year, they added the Heritage Vintage Ingot as a Baselworld novelty. The watch is an update of their 1977 Corum Ingot.

Beneath the sapphire crystal, the higher karat, 24K dial keeps the focus on the gold. A small hole at the center exists for the hands, understated hour markers line the chapter ring just away from the dial’s beading, and the dial’s etchings resemble those on a gold bar. The watch identity leaves a minimal footprint.

corum ingot

The rectangular 3N 18K case continues the minimalism with a striated, solid caseback, hiding the ETA 2892 based movement, automatic calibre CO 082. Beating at 4 Hz, the Heritage Vintage Ingot boasts 42 hours of power reserve. The sides of the case have a fluted, coin-edge and extend as the watch’s lugs for its black alligator strap. The engraved, pin buckle matches the case’s 3N 18K gold.

The watch’s 30 meter water-resistance means that it needs to stay safely under the cuff, but that is exactly where this watch is made to reside. Well, the Corum Heritage Vintage Ingot is also meant, like a trophy, to peek out from under the cuff, renewing the debate about Sigmund Freud’s theory of envy.

corum ingot

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  1. Hello. Want to get the offer to purchase watches models 1977 Corum Ignot. Best Regards Mike

  2. This would have been a bit special if it weren’t for the ludicrous decision to plaster “THIS IS A REAL GOLD WATCH!!” all over the friggin dial.
    This is a mistake of Trumpian proportions. You can imagine some drunk louche “explaining” this to bored cocktail waitresses in Vegas.

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