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Continue Time – Cool Clock by Sander Mulder

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

We usually don’t write about clocks, wall clocks that is, however the clock Continue Time is so cool, that we want to make an exception. And maybe the fact that it is designed by a fellow countryman, the Dutch designer Sander Mulder. 

One of the cool things about the clock named Continue Time is that all custom made gears are visible. Seeing the technique at work makes it extra appealing to people with a predilection for mechanical movements.

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Sander Mulder designed various items, from chandeliers to tables to lamps and even a speaker in the shape of a dog. Like all his designs it has a unique and unusual mix of form and function. And that’s why we like this clock as well. All hands, the hour, minute and seconds hand, are attached to one another and this results in an unusual way to display time.

The video shows some unique details of the clock and towards the end of the video, you can see how it works.

The end piece is the seconds hand, the middle piece is the minute hand and the most central piece is the hour hand. The design looks clean and very modern, with the use of aluminium and brass.

Continue Time isn’t small, it’s maximum diameter measures roughly 2 meters. This clock is available through Sander Mulder’s website and is limited to only 40 pieces.

 Check Sander Mulder’s website for more information about his work and ordering details.

PS. We don’t want to withhold the dog shaped speaker named Woofer from you. Very cool!

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