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Zenith Manufacture wins the 2013 GPHG “Sports Watch” prize

| By Max E. Reddick | 1 min read |

Last November, Zenith won the 2013 best “Sports Watch” at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie. Zenith’s El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th took the honors. This is the watch that Felix Baumgartner wore into the upper atmosphere for his faster-than-the-speed-of-sound free fall back to earth. Not only is this the first watch to break the sound barrier at the edge of space. The watch also uses the very first fully integrated chronograph movement, which was developed in 1969, called the El Primero. Utilizing the legendary El Primero movement, which is accurate to a 10th of a second, the El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th breaks new ground. Under the leadership of Jean-Frédéric Dufour, the company is well positioned for the future.

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