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Why The Omega Speedmaster 57 Is A Great Alternative to the Moonwatch…

It's hard to beat the Moonwatch, but that new Speed 57 has a lot to offer!

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Anything that Omega can launch within the Speedmaster collection will be immediately compared to the one and only Moonwatch. It’s just the way it is… The original, classic Speedmaster Professional has such a formidable cult status that it has become a benchmark model for everything else Omega creates. And the comparison is hardly objective. But we have to keep in mind that the Speedmaster is more than just one watch; it’s an entire collection of chronographs. And although some might not have the same aura as the Moonwatch, there are nevertheless some true gems in the collection. Case in point; the recently revamped Speedmaster 57. And today, in our latest video, we make that difficult comparison with the Moonwatch. And, yes, it can be a great alternative to the all-time classic Professional model.

Video Review Omega Speedmaster 57 vs Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Say you’re in the market for a luxury hand-wound watch (yes, because the Speedmaster 57 is no longer an automatic watch, and this is the main evolution compared to the previous generation launched in 2013), with incredibly good specifications and technical solutions, a timeless look and a name that carries more history than anything else on the market? Well, Speedmaster it is. But what kind of Speedmaster? It’s not like the brand offers just one version of its famous chronograph. From the oversized Racing models to the unattainable re-editions with vintage reissued movements or the contemporary versions in ceramic, there’s a lot to choose from. And, of course, there’s the emblematic Moonwatch…

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But no, what you want is a watch with slightly more compact dimensions, a vintage-inspired look, faithful references to the past and yet the practicality of a modern watch, with everything you’d expect from an Omega. In this case, the Moonwatch is definitely an option, specifically since the latest facelift includes a Master Chronometer movement. But despite being a classic, the Moonwatch isn’t really vintage-inspired; it’s more of a timeless object that hasn’t changed since the late 1960s. It has a rather cold and technical look. But still, you want something more retro, more charming and also better suited to daily use. Here’s your answer: the recently revamped Omega Speedmaster 57.

Video Review Omega Speedmaster 57 vs Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

We’ve covered the watch on multiple occasions already on MONOCHROME, first when the watch was introduced and later in this more opinionated piece. And this fully reworked version has a lot to offer. It’s a gem of a watch, with so many improvements over the previous generation. Smaller, less bulky, more refined and more balanced than before and equipped with a stunning movement. There’s no room for comparison. So, is this Speedmaster 57 capable of changing your mind when compared to the classic Moonwatch? Is it good enough to at least make you hesitate? I’ll be checking this out in the video (spoiler alert; to me, it does) by looking at this watch in detail and comparing it to a Moonwatch.

Video Review Omega Speedmaster 57 vs Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

For more details, please consult our previous review of the Omega Speedmaster 57 here and check for more details.

6 responses

  1. Nice comparison! I’m not sure the rock music in the background was the best choice though 🙂

  2. Yes and no. The date is a distraction and the movement is almost completely hidden behind a huge plate. For these two reasons it is a fail.

  3. Actually if I could afford it, I would prefer it over the moonwatch. simply like the looks of the 57 better.


  5. I was in the market for a new watch and I tried both the Moonwatch and Speedmaster 57. Loved both watched but absolutely loved the 57 and bought it in blue. No retreats. I get a lot of complements.

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