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Wheels & Watches, A Book for and by Car Enthusiasts and Watch Aficionados

The inevitable intersection between mechanics on wheels, and mechanics on the wrist.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

We’ve said this on so many occasions already… In the world of mechanical wonders, nothing is as closely related as cars and watches. Both are fueled by passion, both are mechanical (or we want them to be mechanical), both are objects to be collected and enjoyed as the perfect toys for boys (or girls). There’s something so natural between sports cars and watches, something almost identical in these slightly outdated, rather irrelevant objects that go against the current trends. While the topic has already been explored dozens of times, Wheels & Watches book takes this topic from a slightly different angle, that of the symbiotic relationship between cars and watches, and why a watch or a car matters on an emotional level to its owner. 

Written by Oriol Vilanova, a man also behind Gentlemen Drive Magazine, the Wheels & Watches book covers on a solid 300 pages the strong connection that exists between two timeless passions: cars and watches. Contrary to many other publications looking at this inevitable intersection through the angle of the products, Wheels & Watches is all about personalities and their emotions towards these highly connected objects.

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Featuring insights from over 50 prominent figures from both sectors, the car industry (designers, racing drivers, collectors) and the watch community (watchmakers, entrepreneurs, watch journalists), they share their personal experiences with their favourite cars and watches, and how these two passions have merged for them. The book covers topics such as the intersection between automotive design and high-end watchmaking, personal stories behind favourite cars and watches of said personalities, how the wristwatch became an essential tool for car enthusiasts and drivers and, importantly the mutual influence between the aesthetics of classic cars and luxury watches.

For this 300-page compilation, Oriol Vilanova interviewed prominent figures such as Flavio Manzoni (Ferrari’s Chief Designer) and Maximilian Büsser (founder of MB&F) both participating in the content not only as contributors but also by writing foreword for the book. The author has invited figures of various backgrounds to reflect detailed insights into each sector, such as Felipe Pantone (visual artist), Fabrizio Buonamasse (Bulgari’s designer), Laurent Ferrier, Fabrizio Guigiaro, Paolo Pininfarina, Marcello Gandini or indie watchmaker Théo Auffret.

About the Author: Oriol Vilanova is a multidisciplinary figure who has dedicated his professional career to his two passions, cars and watches. Over the years, he has worked in various international design studios shaping the future for prestigious brands such as Seat, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Subaru, Hyundai & Kia, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari. He’s also behind a club in Spain called Gentlemen Drive and has created the first Spanish investment fund in classic and collectable cars with headquarters in Barcelona and Miami.

Wheels & Watches (ISBN 978-84-09-56793-5) is now available as a Collectors First Edition (1 of 1,000) at the price of EUR 79.90 from select bookstores and specialist stores in cars and watches, as well as online at

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