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What Is Grand Seiko Coming To Do in Europe?

Talking to the President of the newly created Grand Seiko Europe branch.

| By Brice Goulard | 1 min read |

Grand Seiko is a brand apart. As one of the few luxury watch brands from Japan – and the only one with that level of production –  there is a lot more behind a Grand Seiko watch than its origins. Indeed, after becoming available worldwide in 2010 and as a stand-alone brand in 2017 (with a clear separation from Seiko), Grand Seiko’s international development took off. The US market was the first to have its own dedicated Grand Seiko branch, and just a few months ago, Grand Seiko Europe was created. It was high time to visit the new Grand Seiko boutique in Place Vendôme, Paris and find out what Grand Seiko is coming to do in Europe.

Frédéric Bondoux, President of Grand Seiko Europe, answers this question – and more – in this video interview. Who is the typical European Grand Seiko collector? Why did they choose to locate the boutique in Place Vendôme, Paris?  We also asked Frédéric questions about what makes the brand unique and to define the spirit that animates Grand Seiko’s watchmakers. Given that the brand has just introduced two impressive movements, the Dual Impulse Escapement and the T0 Constant-Force Tourbillon, innovation at Grand Seiko is also one of the key topics addressed in the video.

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