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Grand Seiko SBGA211G Spring Drive ‘Shuriken’ Edition for Ninja’s

The wait is over, finally a dedicated watch for modern and stylish ninja's

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Finally, the wait is over, stylish ninja’s with a good taste for watches now have their own Grand Seiko with a practical built-in Shuriken. From now on, no mission with the Grand Seiko SBGA211G Spring Drive Ninja ‘Shuriken’ Edition or the fully mechanical Kunoichi model for the ladies.

Ordinary mechanical watches, and quartz watches alike, always make a ticking sound. While every quartz watch will tick once per second, mechanical watches will make an audible number of ticks depending on the movement’s frequency. This can be 5 ticks a second for movements with 18,000 vph, and up to 10 ticks per second for hi-beat movement with a frequency of 36,000 vph. For ninja’s who want to move around in absolute silence, the Seiko Spring Drive is the best solution, as this doesn’t have an audible tick.

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The practical Shiruken-shape bezel is crafted in steel and polished with the Zaratsu technique to get razor-sharp edges. According to Seiko, the watch will never accidentally scratch or hurt anyone. Let’s assume a well-trained ninja knows how to handle a Shiruken and will not cause any ‘accidental‘ wounds.

For women ninjas, Grand Seiko created the more glamorous Kunoichi watch in 18k rose gold. Its shuriken bezel has been set with diamonds, and inside ticks an automatic movement. More info at the special Grand Seiko Ninja website here.

11 responses

  1. Excellent 😀
    Actually the women’s version looks like it could be a success if pitched against some of the more jewellery based Swiss brands.

  2. You should have seen the Seiko / Grand Seiko press conference, John. This year they did a ‘cooking class’ to show us how enamel dials are ‘cooked’, it was brilliant!

  3. In all seriousness, I would pay actual money (a reasonable amount anyway) for a print of the Yoji Shinkawa illustration.

  4. GS is a grail brand for me, but these two watches are ridiculous and unwearable…

  5. LOL great to see that these serious japanese guys can show some humor (did the same in the past with tuna cans if i ain’t wrong).

    The manga illustration in the background is awesome indeed.


  6. It looks like the video at the top of the article is now private or has been removed. Or maybe it’s just my region (Japan)?


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