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What Does Peter Speake-Marin Have To Do With James Bond?

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Pierce Brosnan with Speake-Marin Resilience

Yesterday we received a short message, saying that we should check out Pierce Brosnan’s Instagram account, so we did. And to our surprise we see that he (Brosnan) is showing off one of our favorite watches: a Speake-Marin Resilience. It’s of course great news that Pierce Brosnan, the man who played James Bond four times, has a great taste for watches. However flipping through Brosnan’s Instagram account, some photos reveal more interesting news!

First we learn that Pierce Brosnan is in Bulgaria, for a new movie called Survivor. According to IMDB it’ll hit the theaters next year, and other stars who feature in the movie Mila Jovovich, Emma Thompson, and Dylan McDermott. Since Monochrome-Watches isn’t about the latest film news, we can disclose there’s more watch related news to be found on Brosnan’s Instagram…

Pierce Brosnan and Peter Speake-Marin #survivormovie

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Who knows that fellow with the tie, next to Peter Speake-Marin? Yes indeed, that is Pierce Brosnan, the famous movie star. But what is it with that text besides the photo? It reads “the real watch maker” now we’re totally intrigued. What’s going on with Peter Speake-Marin and Pierce Brosnan. This photo doesn’t look like Brosnan comes to pick up a new watch at the Speake-Marin atelier, although there’s a watchmaker’s bench.

The following photos, and the words that Pierce Brosnan published next to the photos, give us some more clues. Brosnan plays a watchmaker in the new action movie Survivor, and apparently used Peter Speake-Marin as consultant on the ‘watchmaker’s trade’. That’s why he typed “the real watch maker” next to the photo above. So to answer our question what Speake-Marin has to do with James Bond, he isn’t going to deliver the official new Bond watch. That will remain Omega-territory, however Speake-Marin is advising the former James Bond on watchmaking. Now how cool is that!

Pierce Brosnan watchmaker in #survivormovie

One more photo of Brosnan as full-fledged watchmaker with magnifier on his spectacles, and tweezers and a screwdriver on the watchmaker’s bench in front of him.


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