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Weekly Watch Photo – McGonigle Tuscar

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Today is Stephen McGonigle’s birthday. A perfectly good reason to feature the McGonigle Tuscar as Weekly Watch Photo… and of course because it is a most remarkable and incredibly impressive watch! 

The McGonigle Tuscar shows all parts of the entire movement through the sapphire crystal dial and case back. The brothers John and Stephen McGonigle choose to minimize the bridges so that the Tuscar shows even more of its finest details. Two main spring barrels and the jewels they are set in are perfectly visible (between 10 and 2 o’clock) as well as the beautiful finish and angling of the bridges. This is a piece of art made by two ‘old style’ artisan watchmakers.

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For me as a laymen in Celtic or Gaelic design, it looks like the Tuscar’s design was highly influenced by design elements of the Irish homeland of the McGonigles. The font used for the numeral and name on the sapphire crystal dial are maybe the strongest affinity with Celtic design, but the entire design has something rugged yet incredibly refined.

During Baselworld this year we posted more details of this watch and to announce that the Tuscar will also be available in red gold. The launch-series in white gold was limited to 10 pieces, the red gold version is limited to 20 pieces. Once photos of the red gold version are available we will share this with you. For now a wrist shot of this exhibitionist timepiece.

More information can be found on the McGonigle website and Facebook page.

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