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Weekly Watch Photo – Greubel Forsey GMT

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Watch photographer Peter Chong is specialized in high-resolution photography and photo-stacking. When shooting a photo of the earth, those techniques can be helpful. Especially if it’s the miniature earth in the Greubel Forsey GMT. 

When Greubel Forsey released the GMT, we could only show you computer renderings and press photos, but these are the first (and best) live photos made of the GMT. We are pleased to share two of Peter’s magnificent photos with you.

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The spherical earth rotates on one axis, which is attached to the south pole. Wearing the watch, you’ll look right down on the north pole. With a sectoral 24 hour indicator around the earth, it’s easy to see (roughly) the time in all parts of the world, just in the blink of an eye. A great looking and also very functional complication.

Besides the spherical earth, the dial also features a tourbillon. Of course, you’d say, this is a Greubel Forsey and they usually throw in a tourbillon or 2 at least. Well… there’s just one single tourbillon in the GMT.

It is the same tourbillon as in the Tourbillon 24 Secondes, which features a 25° inclined tourbillon cage. Because of the mix of rapid rotation (once every 24 seconds) of the tourbillon and it’s angle, the effects of gravity on the regulating organ are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Check out more photos Peter made of the Greubel Forsey GMT and other timepieces at his weblog called Watchscapes.

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