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The Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue – and Comparing it with the Gilt BB58 & the BB 41mm

Tudor's latest watch fully explained in a new MONOCHROME video review!

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Sadly, it seems that Tudor will only be presenting one new model in 2020… However, this model is a good one, a very good one indeed. Much anticipated and already acclaimed by the collecting community, this watch is the Black Bay 58 Navy Blue, the smaller version of the brand’s iconic model and bestseller, now with a ‘very Tudor-ish’ dark blue bezel and dial. We’ve decided to produce a new video review for this important new model, not just by looking at it but also by comparing it to two of its siblings, the black/gilt Black Bay 58 and the 41mm Black Bay Midnight blue. 

The Black Bay is certainly Tudor’s most important collection and the reason behind the brand’s current success. This watch, first presented in 2012 with a 41mm diameter, an ETA-sourced movement and a burgundy bezel, has been revisited in multiple variations. New colours (black and blue), new movement (manufacture calibre), new complications (GMT and chronograph), new materials (black PVD or bronze)… Countless versions are now available. But the one that truly caught our attention was the Black Bay 58, a smaller and slimmer model with an even more vintagey look, and even more comfort on the wrist – we compared it to the 41mm model here.

First introduced with a very attractive ‘gilt’ dial – black with gold-coloured printings and hands – this watch makes its entrance in 2020 in a Navy Blue edition.  Blue is an important colour for Tudor and its relation to the sea. Fresher, sportier, more modern, it makes a very different impression from the previous black version.

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In the video at the top of this article, you’ll discover the Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue in detail and you’ll also be able to see how it compares to the Black Bay 58 Black/Gilt and the Black Bay Midnight Blue 41mm. A perfect reunion of watches to make sure you choose the right model for your wrist!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more video reviews coming soon on MONOCHROME.

6 responses

  1. That must be one of the most boring watches in the world. How many more Rolex inspired divers do we need. Isn’t it about time someone went back to the drawing board and designed something completely different to excite our watch taste buds?

  2. There many other non-Rolex inspired watches out there. Tudor is a sister company of Rolex that has historically close ties to Rolex. Both companies were founded by Hans Wilsdorf and are owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. This line of watch is called ‘Heritage’ for a reason. I think it is a great vintage inspired dive watch that goes back to its submariner roots, but in a uniquely Tudor way (snowflake hands). If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. To each his own. I am keenly interested in it. Either way, enjoy the hunt for your next watch!

  3. That’s what happens if you limit yourself to a few brand names and don’t shop. Lots of watches out there, have a look.

  4. I would have preferred the dial to have remained black, otherwise superb.

  5. I get the hype, but for people with larger wrists this is too small. At least for something with a diving bezel. 40/41 would have been better. They should have kept the original size, just made the watch thinner. That is the mark of a great movement, but most brands are just making hockey pucks.

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