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The Zenith Defy Extreme Is… Exactly What Its Name Says It Is

A bold, oversized, sharp and technical take on the El Primero chronograph.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

In this world, not everybody wants a 38mm vintage-inspired watch with retro-styling and understated elegance. And if that’s what you’re looking for, Zenith also has you covered with the Revival collection. The choice for a watch is personal and subjective, and some watch enthusiasts want a larger, bolder timepiece with technicality and modernity. Walking in the footsteps of the already sharp Defy collection, Zenith has recently introduced a true statement watch, a daring, oversized and ultra-technical take on its sports watch with an integrated bracelet. A watch that is clearly not meant for the faint-hearted, a watch that is as hi-tech visually than mechanically. This is the Zenith Defy Extreme collection and we have a video review of it!

In the past recent years, Zenith has done important work on restructuring its collections, focused around 4 pillars that are the Pilot’s watches, the elegant Elite models, the all-time classic Chronomaster (which pays tribute to the El Primero movement) and the Defy. If other models are representing the past or the present of the brand, Defy is the future. And it’s not only about design, but also mechanics, with impressively advanced movements. This collection is about innovations, research and modern materials and shapes. And also creativity in colours and textures, with models such as the Defy 21 Felipe Pantone, Urban Jungle and Ultraviolet. And the Zenith Defy Extreme pushes the limits of sportiveness and masculinity to another level.

Zenith Defy Extreme collection 2021

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The Zenith Defy Extreme draws on elements of design introduced in the classic Defy watch with its sharp case and integrated design, and adds a great dosage of testosterone and technicality. It also re-introduces some elements of the past, such as the 12-sided bezel that was once used by the brand in the 1970s. The Defy Extreme is a large watch with an undeniable presence and strong protections all-around. The case features sharper edges, which extend to the matching bracelet. The pushers are an integral element of the design and are now shrouded by contrasting pieces, matching the material of the 12-side ring. And the watch is water-resistant to 200 meters.

Zenith Defy Extreme collection 2021

There are three versions available, two of which are fully exposed in our video review; a relatively classic titanium model with brushed and polished surfaces, as well as blue contrasting elements on the dial; a dark version with matte surfaces and black elements for the dial; and a bold and more luxurious edition that adds contrasting gold elements (for the pushers and bezel, but also the movement) to its dark grey and matte case. All are worn on matching integrated bracelets.

Zenith Defy Extreme collection 2021

Underneath the lightly tinted sapphire dial, and also visible through the caseback, is a movement that represents the future of the brand. While accustomed to the use of high-frequency, Zenith brings here an impressive boost with a movement capable of displaying the 1/100th of a second, with a special regulating organ dedicated to the chronograph beating at 50Hz or 360,000 vibrations/hour. The specificity of this calibre, vaguely based on the El Primero architecture, is to feature two independent regulating organs and barrels. One for keeping time that runs at 36,000vph, and the faster one for the chronograph. And that means that the central chronograph hand can rotate once per second around the dial and still be extremely precise in its display. Look at the video… it’s mesmerizing.

Zenith Defy Extreme collection 2021

In addition to a metallic bracelet, the watches from the Zenith Defy Extreme collection are also equipped with a highly practical interchangeable strap system allowing to swap out the bracelet for the complementary rubber or Velcro strap, without the need for tools.

The Zenith Defy Extreme collection starts at EUR 17,600 or CHF 17,900 and can now be pre-ordered from Zenith’s website. And all the remaining details can be discovered in the video!

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  1. A view of the future and the death of the Swiss escapement !

  2. This is a Zenith. I’m sure the price was over £ 17000 I mean for a Zenith. I’ll have to pass

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