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Inside the Manufacture: the Superb Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two

Discovering Bovet's latest creation, and how it came to life.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

I dare to say it: Bovet is one of the most fascinating brands and manufactures of Switzerland with a level of expertise that few watchmakers can rival. The words “Haute Horlogerie” really take on their full significance at Bovet. When you go to Môtiers and visit the manufacture, and witness the level of craftsmanship and hand-decoration applied by Bovet’s watchmakers, you understand that things are done with heart and soul. Under the direction of Pascal Raffy, Bovet has become an insignia brand of complications and high-end watchmaking. Today, we invite you to join us inside the manufacture to discover the brand’s latest creation, the Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two and how it came to life… and also to experience Bovet’s remarkable watchmaking and artisanal finishings. 

The Bovet Virtuoso VIII is a superlative timepiece… a 10-day power reserve, big date and flying tourbillon piece, entirely crafted in-house with an insane level of execution throughout. Recently, Bovet unveiled the second chapter in this complex watch’s life, a model with a beautiful story behind its creation. In the video we present here, we’ll be taking a tour around the manufacture as well as talking to the ever-enthusiastic and passionate Pascal Raffy to find out more about this stunning watch.

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The story behind the Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two involves one of the brand’s most loyal collectors. An extremely knowledgeable enthusiast, and owner of the first iteration of this watch, with an engraved case and movement, fully adorned with the brand’s traditional decorations, this collector wanted to have a lighter and slightly more restrained version of this watch. He wanted to replace the yin-and-yang layout of the dial with a figure-8, combined with the use of refined, shimmering aventurine elements.

You can discover all the details of this impressive, slightly more subtle but no less exquisite piece in the video, explained with the enthusiastic words of Pascal Raffy.

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  1. Interesting watch, the date is precise, the power reserve fairly accurate, the time is a rough estimate. What is the point?

  2. I agree. It’s a piece of jewelry, primarily for show, not function. Obviously, one should grab the cell phone for the time. 🙂

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