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Value Proposition: Hawker Harrier II – The Pegasus Concept watch, a flight above the rest

| By Matthew Catellier | 4 min read |

What we look for in a watch nowadays is not quite what it used to be. As you know, at Monochrome we do have a liking for different ways to indicate time. The simple art of telling the time has evolved into something almost magical, with each watch telling its own story and history. The Hawker Harrier II brings to life something that is only dreamt of – a Pegasus inspired pilots watch.

The company behind this intriguing piece is AVI–8 – who set out to tell the wonderful stories of war planes and those who fought in them by creating a collection of watches to bring these wonderful tales into modern day society. This watch is cleverly designed in tandem with the Hawker Harrier jump jets and just like its namesake – this piece is filled to capacity with the latest technology and design. Ah well… that mainly sounded good, however for the price of only £350 GBP you can’t expect technology of the level of for instance URWERK.

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The concept of these watches is amazing – something which I have never seen before; and it’s great to see the inspiration and motivation to build this collection and allow others to enjoy both the aircraft and craftsmanship that goes into this watch. This piece shows off a stunning 45mm case, perfect for those who like larger with a certain ‘wrist presence’. AVI–8 have cleverly given consumers the chance to pick and choose their desired look, with the collection coming in a variety of band and dial colours to suit your taste and style. The Pegasus inspired piece will give you your own little Hawker Harrier on your wrist – which has got to be a morale booster for sure.

The dial in this piece is like one never seen before. It is sectioned into three areas, with the second, minute and hour hands gliding over the individual layers. The sleekness of this watch can be accredited to the hand finished work, including the Miyota Japanese made 21 jewel self-winding movement – a treat for everyone involved. The Hawker Harrier II, usually one for being loud and bold, hides a mechanical secret behind its stainless steel casing; with a breath taking open view display on the back of the watch – showing the craftsmanship and passion gone into making this time piece. AVI – 8 have no problem showcasing the finer details, something which is usually hidden in jets behind solid pieces of steel.

The genuine buffalo leather strap gives this watch a unique feel; with marine grade stainless steel casing and detailed mechanical work involved in the dial, the strap brings things back to being simple and understandable. The well thought out design shows that the Hawker Harriet II is for anyone and everyone.


AVI – 8 have spared nothing when it comes to quality and dependability. They are keen to ensure that this concept piece is one to remember; featuring a scratch resistant case constructed with sapphire crystal and a 5 ATM water resistance. The quality doesn’t stop there. The Hawker Harrier portrays its jet counterpart within its use the case, displaying an amazing silhouette which doesn’t only look good but provides easier reading, at a glance.

The concept design is amazing and I am sure it will please a variety of consumers, from the watch enthusiasts, to the jet enthusiasts, down to the everyday consumer looking for some style and comfort. This timepiece is elegant and delivers its story in such a way as to inspire those who buy it, to remember those who fought and are still fighting in the jets today. The Hawker Harrier II is your chance to own a piece of the modern day society we all live in, and be able to take the time from your busy life to admire the detail and construction of what we can all achieve in life. AVI-8 shows us all how far technology has come and gives us an indication of where we can be in years to come.

For the price of £350 you can support this concept piece and be part of celebrating our success both in jets and watchmaking. This is a fantastic price and shows a greater deal of features and design quality to that of some competitors at a higher price mark.


Whether to you it’s a professional pilot watch with the latest technological features or simply a modern and stylish piece to wear, I am sure you will experience the roar and power when you place it on your wrist. You can pre-order your AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II Pegasus Concept AV-4047 here.

This article is written by Matthew Catellier, who covers “Value Propositions” for Monochrome, and also publishes affordable timepieces on his own website Watch Review Blog.

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