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The Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm

Tudor's take on the sports watch with integrated bracelet.

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Tudor Royal Day-Date 41mm Blue Dial M28600-0005

The 1970s-inspired sporty-chic watch with an integrated bracelet is more fashionable than ever. This is undeniable and many brands, from high-end to accessible, have entered the race to cater to those who’re in the market for such a piece. Driven by the market’s enthusiasm for icons such as the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, we’ve seen countless alternatives being presented in a more reasonable segment of the industry. Latest in line is Tudor, which presented a collection with an unmistakable 1970s vibe earlier this year. Today, we give some wrist time to the collection’s highlight: the Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm with blue dial. 

Unlike many watches in Tudor’s collection, the Royal is not a re-edition of a past model. Yes, the name itself has been used in the past, but the watches bearing this name were nothing like today’s sporty-chic models with integrated bracelets. They were simple, time-only dress watches with (let’s be honest) low significance. Even though the connection isn’t really clear and no vintage model has been used as a base for the design, the new Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm still plays on the vintage trend. Or, at least on a style that was once defined in the early 1970s and has become a must-have for many watch enthusiasts. The sports watch with an integrated bracelet is hot, so why shouldn’t Tudor offer its take on it?

Tudor Royal Day-Date 41mm Blue Dial M28600-0005

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Tudor went for a slightly different approach than, for instance, Maurice Lacroix, Frederique Constant or Wempe. All of them are clearly identified as sporty-chic watches, with the “sports” word being emphasised. All are sharper, bolder and in line with the basic principles of the 1970s sports watch. The Tudor Royal is, on the other hand, a surprising mix between 1970s codes and the icon of Rolex (and Tudor) that is the Date-Day watch – and not only because of its display. And since the watch bears Roman numerals, a notched bezel and two-tone options, the intention is clearly to be more on the “chic” side of things than on the “sporty” side. And add to that a slight dosage of outdated coolness… All in all, the Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm is a watch apart.

Tudor Royal Day-Date 41mm Blue Dial M28600-0005

Starting with the case, the Royal is 41mm in diameter with a reasonable 10.5mm height. The case is made from a solid block of stainless steel and there’s no denying the usual quality of construction provided by Tudor. The watch is neatly executed and built to last. The case is brushed on the flat surfaces while the case bands are polished. Despite the dressy intention of the watch, the crown screws down and the water-resistance is rated at 100m.

Tudor Royal Day-Date 41mm Blue Dial M28600-0005

The most surprising aspect of this watch is its bezel with a texture that somehow recalls some of the watches produced by the Crown (without being the same either). The bezel shows a combination of polished surfaces and cut grooves. The pattern is stamped with a precise definition of the texture. In terms of style, this is clearly the element that brings this outdated coolness to the watch (or outdated uncoolness, depending on your position).

Tudor Royal Day-Date 41mm Blue Dial M28600-0005

The second element that positions this Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm in a slightly different category is its dial and the indications. The sunray-brushed blue colour is certainly a classic for a sporty-chic watch; however, the applied Roman numerals are more traditional. In the same vein, the use of a typically Rolex day-date display, with an arched day-of-the-week window at 12 o’clock, is once again proof of a more elegant vocation. All the elements are well executed and sharply defined, yet not particularly striking. Tudor could easily improve the style of this Royal Date-Day with something a bit bolder and less old-school.

Tudor Royal Day-Date 41mm Blue Dial M28600-0005

Inside the watch, like most entry-level models produced by the brand, the Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm relies on an outsourced movement from Sellita, which is called the T603. This automatic movement with 4Hz frequency and 38h power reserve is a no-brainer and maintains this watch in an attractive price range. Its robustness and precision are beyond dispute.

The most striking element of the Tudor Royal’s design is, of course, its integrated bracelet. Once again, Tudor went for something more elegant with a 5-link profile with thin and polished intermediate links. This design clearly looks more elegant than some of the other sporty-chic watches with integrated bracelets that come across as more masculine and bold. The overall quality, precision of the assembly and robustness are beyond dispute. The bracelet is closed by a folding clasp and safety catch.

Thoughts and Price

All in all, this Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm is a surprising mix of sportiness and elegance. The overall quality, especially considering the accessible price, is in line with all Tudor models, meaning top-notch. Then, the design of the watch itself, even though a matter of taste, has a certain consistency. It’s a nice watch with old-school elegance that lacks a bit of boldness and appeal. A slightly sportier dial or a different pattern for the bezel would certainly benefit the case/bracelet combination that is well designed: Nothing that Tudor can’t correct in upcoming editions.

The Tudor Royal Date-Day 41mm Blue Dial (ref. M28600-0005) retails for EUR 2,190 – CHF 2,200 – USD 2,325. Deliveries in Europe and the USA are expected during November 2020. More details at

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  1. I’m a fan of the design, find the blue dial a bit safe, but it’s the first version. The price is fair. But the 2824, nothing wrong but I find the power reserve annoying. The powermatic 80 family should be a source of inspiration.

  2. Better fit and finish than the Tissot, and wears better on wrist. The 38 is better size for wrists under 7.5in or so

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