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Tudor Announces David Beckham as new Brand and #BORNTODARE Campaign Ambassador

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

David Beckham, one of the world’s most famous football players (for our American readers: that’s what you guys would call soccer) and style icons, will be Tudor’s new brand ambassador and ambassador for the #Borntodare campaign. Now that’s something we didn’t expect. The man who has everything, who married Posh Spice, who’s nickname is DB7 and who has won prizes for best male body, and best dressed man, chooses to work with Tudor.

Beckham is famed for his style, so his choice to work with Tudor is a huge boost and compliment to the brand. The brand, which has been gaining momentum over the past years since changing gears and introducing several very successful vintage inspired watches, was already on its way to becoming the cool kid on the block in the world of watches. With an ambassador like Beckham joining its ranks, it will now be able to reach far beyond the obvious watch aficionados, and show its version of ‘cool’ to a much larger audience.

Just think of the Tudor Heritage Chrono, a watch that pretty much every journalists talked about during Baselworld 2013. Or the Tudor Black Bay Blue. It got the same sort of attention during Baselworld 2014. With thousands of watches that are introduced during the world’s largest watch fair, it’s quite an achievement that Tudor is the talk of the town during Baselworld. And when you see that watch collectors around the world are embracing the brand, and its watches, with an equal amount of enthusiasm as the journalists, this just underlines its success. Now the Geneva-based brand is ready to take on the rest of the world, and together with Becks, or DB7 if you will, it will show its cool watches to a much, much larger audience.

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The sister brand of the Crown, doesn’t lack cool, as at this year’s Baselworld, the Black Bay Steel/Gold was one of the most talked about watches. And rightfully so, because also at team Monochrome, we were all over it (and thinking how to raise the budget and buy one for ourselves). All I got for now is this wrist shot, but rest assured, I’ll be saving up for one!

Tudor Black Bay Steel gold

More info at the Tudor website here.

4 responses

  1. Great to see David Beckham score more free swag.
    This is enough to dissuade me from ever buying a Tudor.

  2. David Beckham seems like a decent man and I don’t wish him any harm at all, but Tudor made an enormous mistake with this. The guy’s skin looks like a 3rd year maths jotter at the end of term.
    Whoever decided to pair this person with this brand needs to be sacked immediately.

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