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Tourbillon pen by TF Est.1968

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

As a watch lover it’s always a pleasure to look at the fine mechanics of beautiful timepieces. In fact, it  happens quite often that I look at my watch to check the time, but completely forget to check the time. The view of a beautiful watch can be distracting. Sounds familiar? 

Here’s an idea how you can admire beautiful watch parts, without looking at your watch in vein: the ‘Tourbillon’ pen by TF Est.1968. Just one option to admire gorgeous watch parts without looking at the watch on your wrist all the time. Just make sure you’ve read every contract before signing and not only stare at the cap of your Tourbillon pen!

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As TF Est.1968 puts it themselves: “The written word and the passing of time, all rolled into one”. Sounds like a cool slogan of course, but in fact the tourbillon mechanism in the cap of the Tourbillon pen is a fun and original object and of course it’s also very useful!

Visible through a 45° inclined sturdy transparent crystal, is the tourbillon mechanism that comprises all functional parts of a tourbillon. As they put it themselves: “a fully-operational watchmaking mechanism evoking the movements inspired by a tourbillon”. The tourbillon is air and water tight and resistant to shocks and aggressions.

Each pen is individually numbered and guaranteed for 2 years. The pens are delivered with a beautiful leather pouch and in a luxurious Havana-colored box and, which can be upgraded to house a pen and a pair of cufflinks or two…

There are seven variations of pens, starting at $ 930,- USD and the pens are available through Totally Worth It (see banner on this website) or by visiting the Totally Worth It website here. If you buy a Tourbillon pen immediatly after clicking on the banner (or link), you also support Monochrome. If you do so, THANKS!

This article is  written by Frank Geelen, executive editor for Monochrome Watches.

2 responses

  1. It looks like a Chinese Sea-Gull tourbillon (found in cheap Sturling Original and Android tourbillons everywhere).

  2. Hi Chris,
    The tourbillon mechanisms in the TF Est. 1968 pens and cuffs are very different from those made by Sea-Gull. TF has a German made tourbillon cage and the manufacturing is Swiss which means a far superior quality. TF ensures 2 years of guaranty. Alexis from TWI told me he had 6 issues in a couple of years and thousands sold: 2 dropped, 2 with true manufacturing defect and 2 with mismatched individual numbers.
    Hope this helps!

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