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The OAK Collection in London’s Design Museum is a Must-See for Watch Aficionados

From today until May 25th in the Design Museum in London

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

As of today, the OAK collection, comprising no fewer than 160 wristwatches, can be admired in the Design Museum in London until May 25th. Yesterday we had an exclusive preview of the exhibition and the watches, and it’s impressive… to say the least! If you’re in London, and if you like wristwatches, you won’t regret spending a few hours learning about some of the rarest (some even unique) timepieces from Patek Philippe, Rolex, and several high-end Independent watchmakers. 

When we asked Patrick Getreide, owner of some 600+ of the most beautiful, rare, and special wristwatches on the planet (we’re not exaggerating!), why he wanted to showcase a part of his collection in a museum, the answer was simple and straightforward. And also very recognizable! He considers watches to be art, so showcasing them in a museum feels like a natural thing, a logical thing to do. Experts from Patek Philippe and historian Nicholas Foulkes (among others) have been involved in selecting the 160 watches that are showcased as the OAK collection.

The set-up of the exhibition is easy, logical and also very practical! Through QR codes next to the displays, you will get a lot of information about each and every watch. And that, of course, adds to the fun.

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Patrick Getreide (and his team) are looking into the possibility of also showcasing the collection in New York, and at a later moment, maybe even in other parts of the world.

More details about the exhibition can be seen here, on the website of the London Design Museum.

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  1. Thanks for bringing up this most fascinating video of the exhibition of a fabled watch collection. Not just very informative but also quite inspiring.

  2. That’s the most in-depth review I have seen of the OAK collection. A couple of different comments: 1. It seemed everyone in the video was either wearing a Patek or a Rolex except for Foulkes. Couldn’t see what he was wearing. 2. It was all Patek, then the words “The Rolex Collection” of which there was about 30 seconds talking about a watch the camera didn’t show then it was back to Patek. Would have liked to hear more about the other Rolex – especially the infamous 1675 with the full blue bezel. Isn’t there a bunch of indies in the collection also (Journe)? But it was a great video. Thanks

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