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The GoS x Blackbadger Norrsken, Or How To Bring An Aurora Borealis To The Dial of a Watch

When guillochage and Super-LumiNova play together, so Northern Lights come to life on a watch

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |
GoS x Blackbadger Norrsken

The duo of Gustafsson & Sjögren are masters in their craft, specializing in the application of Damascus steel in watchmaking. Based in Linköping, Sweden, Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren have made a name for themselves using hand-forged Damascus steel in virtually all parts of a watch case and even in the movement. Inspired by Viking and Scandinavian saga’s and folklore, mixed with elements of nature, GoS now brings the Norrsken.

Gustafsson & Sjögren, or GoS in short, have been incorporating Damascus steel for years now, pretty much dating back to their very earliest models. Over the years more and more attention to detail has gone into the special material, forged by hand by master blacksmith Johan Gustafsson. The watchmaker side of the business, Patrik Sjögren has since become quite the alchemist when it comes to bringing the most out of the layered steel. Both in colour and depth, it takes skill and knowledge on just how to bring out unique patterns in each part, using acids, temperatures, polishing techniques and more. 

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The Norrsken, which is a first for GoS as they collaborated with James Thompson, a.k.a. Blackbadger, pretty much brings Nothern Lights to your wrist. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a play of lights in the sky caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar winds. These disturbances can be strong enough to alter the trajectory of charged particles (electrons and protons). The resulting ionization causes the particles to emit various colours of light in streaks across the sky, mostly in high-latitude regions).

GoS x Blackbadger Norrsken

The vibrant green dial of the Norrsken is engraved with a radiant guilloché pattern, done by Jochen Benzinger, weaving outwards from 6 o’clock. There’s also a Damascus steel dial in green as an alternative. The dial is enhanced by pair of steel spear-tip shaped hands and a Triskele (triple drinking horn) running seconds indicator. The final special touch to the Norrsken’s dial is the hand-blown Swedish crystal ring on the circumference. And this is where Balckbadger’s sorcery comes into play. Underneath the crystal is a luminescent insert that radiates a strong glow. The crystal refracts the light and throws it around the dial, emulating the Northern Lights.

GoS x Blackbadger Norrsken

The 41,5mm wide steel case features elements of previous GoS watches. Available in a variety of case rings, bezels and casebacks, including the black Damascus steel they used for the GoS Skadi, and the Singer Reimagined Track 1 Only Watch 2019. The ribbed caseband for the Norrsken has been seen on the Sarek collection too. Upon request, GoS offers the Norrsken in precious metals. 

GoS x Blackbadger Norrsken

The movement for the Norrsken is the Calibre GoS03, a slightly reworked Calibre ASE 200.00 in-house micro-rotor movement by Schwarz-Etienne. This movement comes with a handmade Damascus steel micro-rotor, in green of course to tie in with the theme of the dial. The movement is also used in the Schwarz-Etienne Roma Synergy Cherry, and displays central hours and minutes, with small seconds at 6 o’clock. It is constructed with 198 parts, including 33 jewels. Running at 21,600vph, it offers a power reserve of 86 hours. 

GoS x Blackbadger Norrsken

The GoS Norrsken is a limited edition of 50 pieces but with all watches incorporating Damascus steel no two are alike. Each part will have a unique pattern, which simply cannot be replicated. The watch comes on a salmon-skin leather strap and a pin-buckle in steel. The price for the GoS Norrsken is between USD 19,500 and USD 25,000 depending on the selected options. Naturally bespoke options will come at a premium. 

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