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Introducing – GoS Sarek Midnight Blue, Known Watch, New Dial (And what a dial…)

| By Robin Nooy | 4 min read |
GoS Sarek Midnight Blue Damascus Steel dial

A unique piece is something few people can afford, but a lot of us dream about. Whether it might be a record-smashing Patek Phillipe for Only-Watch or simply your custom ordered life-long desired piece; there is a massive appeal in knowing you are the only one in the world with the said watch. But there is also another option: artisanal watches where REALLY no two watches are alike despite being part of a certain theme or a limited production run. And the new GoS Sarek Midnight Blue is one in the latter category; it’s a watch that despite the fact that they will build more than 1, you’ll still have a stand-out, unique piece on your wrist!

GoS Sarek Midnight Blue Damascus Steel dial

The returning reader at Monochrome knows how much time and effort goes into the watches by Swedish watchmaker Patrik Sjögren and master blacksmith Johan Gustafson, the men behind GoS watches. We’ve shown time and time again that this is a very unique and artistic way of producing watches that involves techniques originating from the middle ages. The damascene steel that is used for the dials, and in some models the case or crowns too, takes a masterful hand to forge together and an intricate knowledge of metallurgic properties, when trying to reveal the pattern and colours through heat and acid tempering.

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GoS Sarek Midnight Blue Damascus Steel dial

The recently introduced GoS Sarek collection brings more of the same but in a newly styled package. A 43mm wide steel case with some intricate design cues, like the pillar-style design of the caseband and the crown that resembles a hilt of a Viking sword, is fitted with the largest Damascus steel dial ever made by GoS. Add a slimmed down bezel and there is simply more to see of the patterns and colours. A total of 164 layers make up the steel ingot after Johan is done with it, and out of every 2kg of ingot, only a handful of dials can be produced. After the Sarek, we’ve seen the Sarek Akka, a special edition (even more unique) with a hand engraved bezel and a monochromatic grey dial. The collection is inspired by the Sarek mountains in Sweden, either by day (GoS Sarek) or night (GoS Sarek Akka).

GoS Sarek Midnight Blue Damascus Steel dial

This new Midnight Blue version has a dial with darker blue and black tones, which is achieved by undergoing several steps in tempering and finishing. The darker dial of the Sarek Midnight Blue plays with the light even more, as it is sometimes almost a flat black and in play of light can become very vibrant. The finishing reveals the higher ridges of the dial to be polished, in stark contrast to the lower “valleys” of the dial (to clarify, a GoS Damascus dial is NOT a flat surface) which results in a wildflower pattern.

GoS Sarek Midnight Blue Damascus Steel dial

The Soprod A10 movement inside remains unchanged in comparison to the GoS Sarek, however it is of course fitted with the Triskele (Scandinavian triple drinking horn) inspired rotor with German silver counterweight featuring hand bevelled edges. Besides the GoS Sarek Midnight Blue, there is also a Sarek Ladies (which we also reviewed) with the new dial. Due to the nature of hand-forged Damascus steel, each watch is unique, even though the dials follow a certain theme. So even though the watch is limited in itself, each watch produced is a true one-off. The watch will be delivered in a handmade walnut box, on a genuine Moose leather strap in one of 4 colours of your choice.

GoS Sarek Midnight Blue Damascus Steel dial

The GoS Sarek Midnight Blue and Sarek Ladies Midnight Blue will be available at USD 9,500 excluding taxes. More information at

Technical Specifications – Gustafson & Sjögren Sarek Midnight Blue

  • Case: Stainless steel – 43mm diameter x 10,5mm height – 22mm lug width – 7mm wide Viking sword inspired crown – sapphire crystal front and back
  • Movement: Soprod A10 – Automatic winding – custom triskele rotor – German silver counterweight – 42 hours power reserve – 28,800vph – hours, minutes, seconds
  • Dial and hands: 164 layers Damascus steel – wildflower pattern – Midnight Blue acid etched and tempered finish – stainless steel chapter ring – spear shaped high-polished hands –
  • Strap: handcrafted moose leather strap – various colours available upon request
  • Price: USD 9,500 excluding taxes
  • Production/limitation: Each piece signed 1/1 due to unique design of each dial

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  1. This is probably the best use of Damascus style steel I’ve ever seen.

  2. Damascus is not precious and is a relatively simple metal to produce, the Soprod movement pedestrian, German silver is not silver, justifying this price is difficult for me.

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