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Monochromatic Watchmaking – Review of the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka

| By Robin Nooy | 5 min read |
GoS Sarek

The literal definition for “monochrome” is a “photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white only, or in various tones of only one color.”  If you consider this, and take into account that Monochrome-Watches tends to focus on high-end mechanical, you now understand what our name basically stands for. And to support this, every now and then, and never intentionally I guess, a watch fits the literal definition AND our definition of Monochrome perfectly, such as this new GoS Sarek Akka.

GoS Sarek

It never seizes to amaze me, just how intriguing the watches from this small Swedish brand are, and how much they take out of Scandinavian folklore and mythology and be able to translate that into a true identity. Of course, the most obvious thing to start with is the hand forged , -etched and -colored Damascus steel used in each and every GoS watch. Heating and hammering away on multiple types of steel, forging it into an ingot, and then finding the best possible dial out of that ingot is no mean feat, as I have explained on numerous accounts before.

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This new Sarek collection was introduced as a prototype during Baselworld 2016 and the first watches were delivered by the end of the year. It is equipped with the largest Damascus steel dial ever created by GoS, which thankfully does not mean the Sarek has gargantuan proportions. The dial is just larger than they have produced before, allowing for more detail, while the bezel is somewhat slimmer to allow more of the dial to be seen. The color and patterns of the Sarek dials are inspired by the Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland, and mimicked with a wildflower pattern consisting of 164 layers of steel forged into an ingot. This huge valley is considered to be one of the largest, last remaining true areas of wilderness in Europe, with over 100 glaciers, some of the highest mountain peaks in the country, fast flowing mountain rivers and the largest species of Moose in Europe (the Älg, for the fact-hunters!). The color of the dial is, as I imagine it anyway, a depiction of the various stages of sunlight running across the valley, and reflecting off of the water, mountains, forests and whatnot, during the day. I can just imagine sitting on top of one of the peaks after an adventurous day of hiking, gazing across the valley, watching the sun set on the horizon and seeing this place bursting with life and color.

Anyway, besides the colorful new GoS Sarek collection, there is also a special night-time version coming, the Sarek Akka. Just as with the “regular” GoS Sarek, the swirls and patterns on the dial are still inspired by nature, but this time from the massif just north of the Sarek National Park; Akka, also known as “The Queen of Lapland”. The monochromatic tones of the GoS Sarek Akka are striking, as the deep etched pattern stands out against the stainless steel case and chapter ring.

The 43mm wide by 10,5mm thick stainless steel case for the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka is a departure for the familiar Damascus steel cases in other GoS collections. To counter this break from tradition the case is decorated with hints of Viking jewelry (bracelets, broaches)  and other Scandinavian features. The hand-engraved bezel for instance, is decorated with a scroll-like motif, mimicking the birch forests on the edge of the Akka massif. The case ring is inspired by Viking bracelets and broaches, as is the chapter ring around the periphery of the dial. The GoS Sarek collection is also fitted with a new style crown, resembling the hilt of a Viking sword if you look at it from the side. The deeply set crown grips well due to the new design, so a big plus there!

The GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka are fitted with a Soprod A10 movement with a special rotor. The triskele, or triple drinking horn, is adorned with a circular satin finish and a Damascus steel counter weight. This movement, an ETA 2892 replacement, was introduced in 2004, so has earned its place in the market. The automatic movement runs at a frequency of 28,800 bph and displays hours, minutes, seconds and a date if necessary (not utilized in the GoS Sarek collection). It stores up to 42 hours of power, which is pretty standard for these type of movements.

All in all the GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka mark another chapter in the GoS story of offering unique, spectacular watches. The use of Scandinavian folklore, mythology and techniques result in a collection of watches which are unlike anything else. The amount of detail the Swedish duo manages to put into all their creations is striking, and it doesn’t become boring for even one second.

GoS Sarek Akka

Specifications – GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka

  • Case: Stainless steel – 43mm by 10,5mm – 22mm lugwidth – 7mm wide Viking sword inspired crown – sapphire crystal front and back – hand-engraved bezel for Sarek Akka
  • Movement: Soprod A10 – Automatic winding – custom triskele rotor – Damascus steel counter weight – 42 hours power reserve – 28,800 vph –
  • Dial and hands: 164 layers Damascus steel – wildflower pattern – stainless steel chapter ring – spear shaped high-polished hands –
  • Strap: handcrafted moose leather strap – various colors available upon request
  • Price: Sarek $7,800 excluding taxes – Sarek Akka $11,800 excluding taxes
  • Production/limitation: Each pieces signed 1/1 due to unique design of each dial – serial number of number in series

The GoS Sarek and Sarek Akka are both very limited, and basically each piece is unique. No two dials are alike, which is why Patrik and Johan sign each watch with a 1/1 inscription and an added serial number to tell you which number in the series you own. For more information:

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  1. I’d love to see more photos of the Sarek Akka, including the moose leather strap options and presentation box. Do all Akka models have engraved bezels? Thank you.

  2. Sadly these were all the photo’s we had so far Daniel Brown, as they were provided by Patrik of GoS. It is possible to have the bezel without engraving if desired by the way. The beauty of these small brands is they can discuss pretty much what you want, almost everything is possible!

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