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The Auction Hammer: 4 Vintage Chronographs – Breguet Type 20 and Longines Calibre 13ZN

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Recently, we showed the best of the Rolexes that will be auctioned the 28th of July by Boule Monaco. But Rolex is not the only brand that deserves some attention, and while sneaking around the catalogue, we found timepieces to fulfil our love for vintage chronographs: 2 amazing aviator tools from Breguet and 2 highly desirable and uncommon Longines vintage chronographs. We believe that an overview of the pieces is not only in order, but even essential.

Lot 568 – Breguet Type 20 – The perfect one

The Type 20 is one of our favourites here at Monochrome-Watches. Alongside the full review we’ve been doing of the modern TypeXX, we also recently sourced a vintage edition from Airain. Type 20 refers to specifications and not to a precise model, as we already told you. But as a collector, Breguet will always be on the top of the list. The Boule auction holds no fewer than 3 of these beauties and this first example from 1960 may be the perfect one. Why? Because it has just been refurbished by Breguet and comes with the whole ‘authenticity package’ (papers, bills and even a pilot’s money clip…). It is therefore completely genuine as well as pristine. We’re even surprised by the estimation: EUR5.000-8.000.

Breguet Type 20 - 1

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Lot 725 – Breguet Type 20 – The cool one

If the first Type 20 for auction might be the perfect one, this other example is certainly the coolest one. First, it is not the exact same watch – it is a flyback movement but with a tri-compax layout, being an earlier version from 1955. Then (and mainly), it has a superb patina on the indexes and a gorgeous tropical dial. It’s not even chocolate but close to a dark caramel colour that the owner had the good idea to match with a vintage leather strap. Considering the different layout, its production date and its faded lacquered dial, it is estimated at a great price: EUR15.000-25.000 – quite a lot of money for such a watch.

Breguet Type 20 - 2

Lot 724 – A truly interesting pilot Chronograph from Longines

We continue our path in history with another pilot chronograph, an oversized 1940s Calibre 13ZN from Longines. The 13ZN is, alongside the 30CH, one of the most famous movements made by Longines. It brings in a flyback function and a double scale on the dial – tachymeter and telemeter. This 37mm Longines is rare, especially because of its stainless steel case that is quite unusual for this era. A true collectors’ piece that is rather hard to find in such fine condition (just look at the dial’s patina and the almost N.O.S. condition of the case.) The estimate price of EUR15.000-20.000 might sound like a lot, but seems justified.

Longines 13ZN Chronograph

Lot 727 – A rare Longines medical chronograph

This one is also something that we would love to see on our wrist: a 1934 medical chronograph. It comes with a 38mm case (huge size for this decade) because it features a 15 lines movement (33mm) that might have been used in some pocket watches. It is called medical because of the pulsometric scale around the dial, used to measure heartbeat rates. The enamel dial with Breguet numeral and blued hands are in an exceptional condition, as is the stainless steel case. An underrated and quite uncommon watch that might not reach its EUR8.000-12.000 estimation – a good opportunity to buy a very nice vintage watch.

longines medical chronograph

These 4 beauties are just a (very good) sample of all the watches for sale during this auction. Several other vintage and modern timepieces are presented, as you can see here.

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